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24th & 25th March 2018

With Wendy Ridley

This 2 day residential Level 1 course will explore key attitudes for developing a mindful culture in our family and community; in education, health care, or business.

The focus will be on mindfulness, enquiry and ethics using the 16 Guidelines which provide a framework for reflecting on the ways we think, speak, act and find meaning in life.

This workshop is suitable for people of all faiths and cultural traditions. As well as meditation there will be interactive exercises, the opportunity for walks and time for relaxed discussion.

The 16G programme was developed by the Foundation for the Development of Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW), whose patron is HH Dalai Lama. Recommended reading is 16 Guidelines for Life by Alison Murdoch and Dekyi-Lee Olderdshaw. For more details about the 16G go to www.16guidelines.org

Wendy has 40 years experience working in education – as a teacher, university lecturer, education department advisor and consultant specialising in religious education and philosophical enquiry. This has provided her with skills and passion to develop, deliver and oversee training programmes. Wendy has been involved in the development of FDCW as a Board member since 2004 and as a Senior 16G Facilitator. She has worked in 5 very different Buddhist centres and was the director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds for over 7 years.

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