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Tantric Group Retreats

Land of Joy offers the precious opportunity to take part in a range of tantric retreats for various different levels of practitioners up to highest yoga tantra approximation retreats. Please look at the individual retreat pages by clicking the links in the page below to see what requirements you may need to take part.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

February 2018

With Ven Wangchuk: 16th February – 10th March – PLACES AVAILABLE

This is a special opportunity to complete a nearing (approximation) retreat in a supportive group environment finishing with a burnt offering (fire puja). Open only to those with a Yamantaka Solitary Hero initiation.

April 2018

With Roy Sutherwood: 7th – 14th April – PLACES AVAILABLE

This retreat offers the wonderful opportunity to explore and practice the Medicine Buddha sadhana which acts as a powerful healing practice for body and mind as well as a method for developing shamatha and concentrated analysis.

August 2018

With Paula (Nyingje) Chichester: 18th – 27th August

Open to those who have completed the enabling action retreat and fire puja. The meditations and exercises will be based on the 6 Yogas of Naropa teachings of Lama Thubten Yeshe that Paula received in 1983.

September 2018

With Paula (Nyingje) Chichester: 15th – 24th September – PLACES AVAILABLE

This retreat will focus on the ‘Merging the Mind of the Guru with Chenrezig’ sadhana; using it to integrate the body/speech/mind into an experience of wholeness joy, light and acceptance and inner peace.

October 2018

With Andy Wistreich: 19th – 27th October – PLACES AVAILABLE

This retreat will provide an opportunity for those who have taken the Kalacakra initiation to explore the full mandala through the ‘long’ sadhana which includes the 61-deity protection circle and the full body, speech and mind mandala with its 722 deities.