Date: 28th – 30th June 2019

Retreat Leader: Lou Beaumont

Requirements: Suitable for everyone

Cost: Generosity Model – Donation only (no suggested amount). 

Start and Finish times: The weekend will start at 6pm on the 28th and finish at 5pm on the 30th. People are welcome to arrive the day before and leave the day after if travelling long distances.

Accommodation: Dormitory beds, double and single rooms will be available at Land of Joy. Camping can be an option at certain times of year if you have your own tent but space is very limited. Beds are allocated based on individual or logistical needs.

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About the Weekend

The aim of this weekend will be to get in touch with our subtle energy through the basic practice of pranayama breathing exercise & gentle qigong movement.

Pranayama is an ancient system of breathing exercises associated with the practice of Hatha yoga (physical posture yoga). By controlling the breath we can energise the body keeping it fit & healthy for everyday life. At the same time these exercises calm the mind making it the ideal preparation for any meditation.

Qigong or chi gung is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation.Qigong forms are simple to do but deeply effective for both health & well being. Becoming sensitive to the energy around us & flowing within us helps to balance the body & mind. It is another great aid to meditation or just going with the flow and not as physically challenging as yoga.

During the weekend we will also do some short meditation sessions based on simple mindfulness techniques to help the mind slow down & gently settle into our own awareness, learning how to just be in the moment.

I hope you can join us for a lovely energising experience!

About the Teacher

Lou first came to yoga in her early twenties & has been practising hatha yoga & pranayama for many years. She is a qualified Wheel of Yoga teacher & has been fortunate to have special instruction from a great teacher on classical pranayama which she would very much like to share with you.

She started Tai Chi classes, in Spain where she lives about ten years ago with her teacher a student of the Spanish lineage holder of the Hun Yuan style. The chi gong she will be showing you is from that school which has a flowing, gentle style which anyone can easily practice enjoy & benefit from.

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