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What to Expect

Land of Joy is a truly wonderful place to spend time learning, practicing and contemplating. All those who worked incredibly hard to establish and develop the centre have created somewhere extremely special which is continuing to thrive and grow.

The onsite team are fully dedicated to ensuring those who visit have a beneficial and meaningful stay, while those who visit each leave their own imprint on the place, contributing to the incredibly peaceful and powerful atmosphere that exists here.

We are reasonably remote, with open vistas across the rolling hills of the Northumberland National Park. Our land stretches through beautiful and varied woodland where two lakes, a more ‘formal’ garden and a river can be discovered during relaxing walks that can be taken between retreat sessions helping to open the mind.


With limited internal space, our accommodation is currently limited to comfortable dormitory rooms, with plans to renovate some outhouses to create single and twin rooms in the near future. Please see our accommodation page for more information.


Our kitchen team provide three delicious vegetarian meals a day which never fail to receive wonderful comments from appreciative visitors. We are pleased to be able to cater for those who have allergies or other preferences such an being Vegan so please let us know when you fill in your retreat booking form if this applies to you.


We have a beautiful and peaceful gompa (meditation room) which holds a maximum of 25 people and is currently our only practice space with all retreats taking place there.

If you apply to attend a retreat here we will do our best to provide all the information you require for your stay with us but please be aware the retreat schedules are sometimes prepared quite close to the time, while decisions about periods of silence to be kept during the retreats are made by the retreat leader and are sometimes very last minute.

Your Arrival

As we often only have a few days to clean everything between retreats we ask people to please arrive on the day your retreat starts if attending shorter retreats of up to two week unless you will be travelling all day to reach us, in which case arriving a day early is no problem. If you plan to do so please let us know so we make sure we prepare meals for you. If you are attending a longer retreat (more than two weeks) and feel you would like to settle in before it begins you are welcome to arrive one or two days before the retreat starts, but again, please let us know you will be doing so.

What to Bring

We recommend bringing warm clothes for most of the year as the weather can be very unpredictable at times! If you’re keen to go for walks, are coming before June or if there has been a wet spell before your arrival we highly recommend bringing outdoor shoes/wellies and waterproof coats if you wish to go outside in the grounds and beyond. Indoor shoes/slippers can also be useful for inside the house.

Land of Joy provides bedding, towels and a meditation cushion or chair for the meditation room. If you are attending a retreat which lasts longer than two weeks you will also have access to our washing machine and dryer to do your laundry and wash bedding and towels.

A torch is also useful for use outdoors after dark.


Land of Joy follows a generosity model approach which means we do not charge a fee for our retreats which includes the teachings, food and accommodation. However, we do invite those who attend to make an offering to the centre to help cover the cost of the retreat and help us continue to flourish. For more information please visit our generosity model page

The teachers who visit Land of Joy offer their time freely so we therefore also invite you to make separate offerings to them which need to be done in cash. You may also like to support the team who look after the centre who are all unpaid volunteers, including the director.

Please be aware we not have a card machine so are currently unable to accept donations by card. If you would like to pay while you are on site you will need to bring cash or a cheque book with you.

We hope you’re soon able to come and discover Land of Joy for yourself!

General Guidelines for your stay

We need your support in order to create and maintain a supportive environment that is harmonious and pleasant for all retreatants.

We ask that all retreatants abide by the 5 precepts

  1. No killing

  2. Respect others’ property

  3. Be honest and straightforward

  4. Be celibate

  5. Be alert and mindful (no intoxicants)

Be mindful of your behaviour and speech towards others

Attend all sessions and complete the retreat

Keep silence as requested

Thank you for your cooperation. Please note that the centre reserves the right to ask participants to leave should their behaviour become too disruptive to the course.

We look forward to welcoming you to Land of Joy soon.