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16th – 28th July 2018 



Renowned lama Dagri Rinpoche has kindly accepted our invitation to confer a Yamantaka Solitary Hero initiation as well as giving a commentary on the generation and completion stages of this practice from the 16th – 28th July 2018.

The Land of Joy Team have been hard at work over the past few months putting things into place for this incredible event to take place. As with all High Lama visits unpredictability has been a large part of the process, particularly applying for Dagri Rinpoche and his entourage’s visas. 

Due to Dagri Rinpoche’s teaching schedule in Asia, the earliest we can apply for their visas will be the 6th June. As you know, a large amount of merit is required for these events to take place, not just from the side of the hosting centre, but also from those who will be attending. 

We are confident the event will take place and are doing everything we can to ensure it does, including dedicating practices and prayers. We invite you to please do the same to help create the merit and remove obstacles for its success.

Dagri Rinpoche has recently expressed a wish to teach at the venue on the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma Day (16th July) so this has now been added to the programme. We appreciate many people will have already booked accommodation and transport but you are most welcome to join us on this most auspicious and powerful day if you can. Please indicate whether you will be attending when you complete your booking form.

In the very unlikely event of failing to obtain a visa for Dagri Rinpoche, experienced tantric practitioners will lead an experiential programme of meditation and yogic practice exploring tantra. This will be helpful to initiates and non-initiates alike, so there will be no need to cancel travel and accommodation.

Event Details

Dates: 16th – 28th July

Venue: Bellingham Town Hall, Bellingham, Northumberland, UK

Accommodation & Food: Please see details below

Cost: Generosity Model (Please see the section below)

Requirements: To have taken refuge in the Three Jewels


  • Reciting the Six Session Guru Yoga (the long or short version) daily for the rest of your life.

  • Completing the Yamantaka Solitary Hero sadhana (short or long version) every day for the rest of your life.

  • Rinpoche has strongly advised initiates complete the Yamantaka Solitary Hero enabling retreat but this will not be a formal commitment.

Event Schedule:

  • July 16th – A day of events to celebrate the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma

    • A Ritual with Dagri Rinpoche in the morning (time and ritual tbc) 

    • Teaching on The Three Principal Aspects of the Path (3pm) – please note, Rinpoche is encouraging those doing the Initiation and Commentary to come to this if they can.

    • A Public Talk on Loving Kindness (7pm)

  • July 18th – A teaching on the Three Principles of the Path

  • July 19th – Preparation for Solitary Yamantaka Empowerment (after lunch) 

  • July 20th – Actual Empowerment (after lunch)

  • July 21st -28th –  Yamantaka Solitary Hero commentary – (two teaching sessions per day)

Daily Schedule during the commentary:

9.00 – 10am – Motivation/Prayer session

10.00 – 10:30am – Break

10.30 – 12.30pm – Dagri Rinpoche Teaching

12.30 – 2.30pm – Lunch at the venue

2.30 – 4.30pm – Dagri Rinpoche Teaching

4.30 – 5.00pm – Break

5.00 – 6.00pm – Review Session

Accommodation & Food

For Lay Practitioners

In order to support our sangha we are asking all lay practitioners attending the event to please find accommodation away from Land of Joy. Please see the accommodation options we have researched to help you book somewhere to stay.

We encourage you to book this as soon as possible as it coincides with the start of school holidays and this is a popular area for people to come on holiday with limited places to stay. 

A main meal (vegan & gluten free) will be provided at the venue if you choose to have it (£4.50 per meal; see approximate menu here) but you must commit to and pay for them before you attend the event so we can confirm numbers with the caterers. We will not request payment until the visas are confirmed.  You will need to organise any other meals you would like to have each day yourself.

For Ordained Sangha

Monks & nuns can either stay in a single sex dormitory at Land of Joy or find their own alternative accommodation elsewhere. The dormitories are comfortable, sleep a maximum of seven people and two have ensuite bathrooms.

Breakfast and a light meal (soup and bread) will be available for you at Land of Joy. You can either have the lunch provided by the caterers at the venue (£4.50 per meal; see approximate menu here) which will be vegan and gluten free, or find your own alternative in the village. However, options there are limited. 

Due to there being a small volunteer team for the event we request that you please support them by doing some karma yoga such as a bit of cleaning or washing up each day to keep Land of Joy clean and tidy.


Ven Sean Price has kindly accepted to translate Dagri Rinpoche’s Tibetan into English which will be transmitted over the main speaker system. If you require interpretation into other languages please indicate this on your booking form and we will do our best to provide this for you. Likewise, if you would like to interpret from English or Tibetan into another language for people please also indicate this in your booking form.


Land of Joy follows a generosity model which you can read more about here. This means there will be no set cost for attending this event other than for services provided by external providers such as the meal at the venue or accommodation away from Land of Joy. This also applies to those eating and sleeping at Land of Joy.

However, having the incredible good fortune to host High Lamas is an expensive endeavour. The flights, visas, food and other costs for them and their entourage must be covered by the centre which adds up to a significant amount of money. Not only that, there is the hire for the hall, food for those staying at the centre and effort of the team to organise these events.

We therefore invite you to make a donation to Land of Joy to help cover these costs. As a young and developing centre, your generosity will be a massive help to ensure we can continue to offer our precious community for retreat to others and organise more events in the future.

Donations can be made in the following way:

    1. In cash while at Land of Joy (We will NOT be charged a fee)

    2. By card while at Land of Joy (We WILL be charged a fee)

    3. By online bank transfer either before or after visiting Land of Joy (we will NOT be charged a fee)

Please remember you can add a massive 25% to your donation if you are eligible for Gift Aid (a UK tax payer). It’s as simple as completing a form while you are with us and we make the claim on your behalf.  

How to Reach the Teaching Venue & Land of Joy

The event will be held at Bellingham Town Hall in the centre of Bellingham.




NE48 2AA


Land of Joy is a ten minutes drive from the venue but cannot be reached by public transport.

Land of Joy,

Greenhaugh Hall,


NE48 1PP


You can find suggestions on how to get to either place by visiting our webpage ‘Getting Here’ which explains how to reach Land of Joy. The train and bus options explained will also help you reach Bellingham. 

Additional Information

Even though the event is being held away from Land of Joy we would love people to come and see us there so we are planning to host at least one event at the centre with Dagri Rinpoche, most likely a Lama Chöpa puja so there will be an opportunity for you to come and see us.

We will be providing as many floor and sitting cushions at the Town Hall as we can. However, sangha will have priority and the number will be limited, so if lay practitioners particularly want to sit on a cushion instead of a chair please consider bringing your own. Chairs will be available for anyone who wishes to use one.

Ordained Sangha Booking Form
Lay Practitioner Booking Form

Dagri Rinpoche is the reincarnation of Pari (Dagri) Dorje Chang, one of the very great geshes of Lhasa who was the teacher of many lamas, including Lama Thubten Yeshe. Dagri Rinpoche was born in Tibet in 1958. He grew up during the Cultural Revolution of 1966 – 1976. After his escape from Tibet in 1982 he completed his 17 years of study of Buddhist philosophy and received the Geshe Lharampa degree.

After Dagri Rinpoche’s escape form Tibet, Lama Yeshe committed to support the incarnation through Sera Je, and then when Lama Yeshe passed away, Lama Zopa Rinpoche took on the responsibility.

Dagri Rinpoche is supporting Lama Zopa Rinpoche very much and can teach lam-rim, lojong and philosophy as well as give initiations, conduct fire pujas, and teach tantric commentaries.

Yamantaka, is a highest yoga tantra deity whose name means ‘Destroyer of death’. His other name, Vajrabhairava means ‘Vajra terrifier’. He is the wrathful aspect of Manjushri, embodiment of enlightened wisdom. Through this powerful practice we are able to overcome all obstacles and fear, and ultimately transcend ordinary death. Yamantaka destroys the inner demons of ego-grasping and the self cherishing attitude, and all defilements arising from them.

Ordained Sangha Booking Form
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