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2nd – 4th November

We are delighted to be hosting Geshe Sherab at Land of Joy from 2nd-4th November. During that time the following schedule will be taking place.

Bringing Retreat into Daily Life

A series of teachings from 7pm on the 2nd November to 5pm on the 3rd November.

This is a precious opportunity to hear Geshe Sherab share his wisdom on how we can transfer what we experience during retreat into our daily lives and practice.

These teachings plan to include practising bodhicitta and emptiness in daily life, maintaining a regular daily practice and how to keep it alive after completing a retreat

To register please email spc@landofjoy.co.uk

Finding Inner Peace in a Turbulent World 

A public talk at Hexham Community Centre starting at 2pm on the 4th November.

This is a rare opportunity to hear a Nepalese Tibetan Buddhist Monk’s thoughts on how we can find peace within our busy lives. Geshe Sherab has spent many years teaching in different countries around the world enabling him to fuse the culture of the west with the philosophy of the East to help people live more peaceful lives.

No registration necessary – just turn up on the day.


About Geshe Sherab

Geshe Sherab was born in Nepal to Tibetan parents, receiving his monastic education at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, the spiritual centre of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT). He completed his studies at Sera Je Monastic University and at Gyume Tantric College in India.

He has lived in the USA working at the FPMT Central office and several nearby Dharma Centres in Taos, New Mexico. He returned to Nepal after several years in the U.S.A. to become Headmaster of Kopan Monastery.  Geshe-la then retired from this role to devote more time to meditation and teaching internationally.  For the last few years, he has been travelling and teaching at FPMT Centres in USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe driven by a passion to help everyone in any way he can whatever their religious or cultural background might be.