14th – 22nd December

with Jake Fischer

This retreat provides a precious opportunity to share with others while deepening your understanding of this complex practice through meditation and study of the sadhana. It is suitable for beginners, but also those who are more familiar with the practice and are perhaps looking to deepen their understanding in preparation to complete a nearing retreat in the future.

Each day will include group practice, study of the sadhana (including the three concentrations), question and answer sessions and an opportunity for discussion.

The retreat is only open to those who have received the initiation of the 32-deity Guhyasamaja practice. You will be asked to confirm this on your booking form.

Jake is 33 years old and was born in England. He studied the ‘Foundation of Buddhist Thought’ program in London for 2 years. From 2008 to 2013 he was in Italy at Lama Tsongkhapa Institute where he completed the FPMT Masters Program in Buddhist philosophy and practice. Jake then went to California where he started a long retreat at the ‘Land of Calm Abiding’ centre. During that time Lama Zopa Rinpoche requested he begame a Teaching Assistant for the Masters Program at Nalanda Monastery, France. He therefore ended his retreat after two years, and has been involved in the Masters Program in Nalanda since 2016.

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