The Next Step Courses 

Our next step courses are aimed towards those who already have an understanding of buddhist concepts and philosophy and are ready to explore them in more depth. If you are new to buddhism and the terminology and ideas it uses you may find these courses are a little difficult to follow.

You may notice some of these are also classed as introductory courses. This is because some content is suitable for people who are new to Buddhism, but they also contain information that is a little more advanced and therefore also suitable to people looking to go a bit deeper with their understanding.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

With Di Carroll: 2nd May – 9th May – we are not sure at this point in time if the course will go ahead – we will keep you updated

The Nyung Nay retreat is a two day intensive practice of Chenresig, the Buddha of Compassion, involving meditating on bodhicitta, visualizing Chenresig, reciting prayers, chanting compassion mantras, and performing prostrations.

Doing even one Nyung Nay for just two days is said to be as effective as three months of other purification practices and is extremely powerful for purifying negative karma and opening the heart to compassion.


With Geshe Tenzin Namdak: 16th May – 21st May – we are not sure at this point in time if the course will go ahead – we will keep you updated

Through understanding conventional reality, one comes to know how the ignorance of grasping at an inherent world gives rise to destructive emotions, producing the twelve links of suffering samsara. This Retreat will give you the chance to develop a clearer view of how we create our own reality.


With Ven Mary Reavey: 29th May – 1st June – we are not sure at this point in time if the course will go ahead – we will keep you updated

Having a regular practice helps create a positive momentum in our lives, enabling us to develop our positive potential while living with a peaceful mind in daily life. This retreat will help you develop this and more.


With Lynne Knight: 24th-27th July Places Available

The Mind of Enlightenment (Bodhicitta) is an altruistic attitude of universal compassion. It brings great happiness to oneself and others, and it clears away all the obstacles and problems of our life.


With Ven Mary Reavey: 8th-15th August Places Available

Have you attended Buddhist teachings and feel they could be useful for you but don’t know how to meditate on the subjects you’ve studied or how to apply them to your life? This retreat will answer these questions and more


With Roy Sutherwood: 24th – 31st October Places Available

This practical meditative retreat will provide new perspectives on the way that we cause harm to ourselves and others through acting out of misguided, exaggerated and fantasised ideas about human nature, existence, events and physical things.