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The Next Step Courses 

Our next step courses are aimed towards those who already have an understanding of buddhist concepts and philosophy and are ready to explore them in more depth. If you are new to buddhism and the terminology and ideas it uses you may find these courses are a little difficult to follow.

You may notice some of these are also classed as introductory courses. This is because some content is suitable for people who are new to Buddhism, but they also contain information that is a little more advanced and therefore also suitable to people looking to go a bit deeper with their understanding.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

March 2018

With Ven Mary: 30th March – 2nd April – PLACES AVAILABLE

Learn the essential facts about the law of cause and effect and generate a clear understanding about how karma works.

April 2018

With Roy Sutherwood: 7th – 14th April – PLACES AVAILABLE

This retreat offers the wonderful opportunity to explore and practice the Medicine Buddha sadhana alongside gentle breathing and movement exercises which all act as a powerful healing practice for body and mind as well as a method for developing shamatha and concentrated analysis.

With Beth Halford & Christian Fischer: 28th April – 2nd May (revised dates) – PLACES AVAILABLE

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to do some of the most common preliminary practices, as well as learning more about why they are so important to complete.

May 2018

With Rowena Price: 12th – 19th May – PLACES AVAILABLE

Completing a nyung nä enables your body, speech and mind to abide in retreat. This makes it a powerful, quick and effective method to purify much negative karma and collect vast amounts of merit.

June 2018

With Ven Mary Reavey: 1st – 9th June – PLACES AVAILABLE

A mainly silent retreat of self-led meditations providing the opportunity to deepen your meditational experience in a peaceful and conducive environment.

August 2018

With Mike Murray: 3rd – 6th August – PLACES AVAILABLE

How much do we know about our own mind and how it shapes our experience? Are we living to our fullest potential. This retreat will explore these questions and much more.

September 2018

With Paula (Nyingje) Chichester: 14th – 23rd September – WAITING LIST 

This retreat will focus on the ‘Merging the Mind of the Guru with Chenrezig’ sadhana; using it to integrate the body/speech/mind into an experience of wholeness joy, light and acceptance and inner peace.

October 2018

With Geshe Tashi Tsering: 8th – 14th October – PLACES AVAILABLE

Geshe Tashi will continue his teachings on the Middle Lam Rim Insight Section which started in 2017.  

November 2018


With Ven Mary: 2nd – 11th November – PLACES AVAILABLE

Take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in the pivotal teachings and meditations of the graduated path to Enlightenment led by such a skilful and experienced teacher.

With Kerry Prest: 16th – 19th November – PLACES AVAILABLE

Discover the unique system for putting Buddhist philosophy into practice whilst hearing an overview of the entire Tibetan Buddhist path to awakening.