Rainbows of Compassion

Compassion, compassion, compassion

"Live with compassion.
Work with compassion.
Die with compassion.
Meditate with compassion.
Enjoy with compassion.
When problems come, experience them with compassion."

 Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Above: Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche arriving for the long-life puja in Singapore last year .
Photo byJay Simpson

Chenresig emanates rainbows...


...with a little help from Ray.
Ray Furminger, thangka painter and current live-in Land of Joy volunteer, has painted beautiful rainbows behind Chenresig, the bodhisattva of compassion.  
Left - Om mani padme hum - the mantra of compassion in sanskrit. Below - Ray and his rainbows, with the seed syllable and om mani padme hum on a lotus behind chenresig's heart.
And finally the rainbows emanating from Chenresig's heart.

Programme news:

Intermediate level retreats

Nature of the Mind with Roy Sutherwood   February 4th to 12th

Roy has led two previous retreats on the nature of the mind at Land of Joy. Aside from his responsibilities as Director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre London, Roy has led the introductory meditation programme at the centre for many years. He has a lifetime’s experience of practising meditation on the nature of the mind, and is skilled at sharing this. To get the most from this retreat, some experience of meditation will be very helpful. If one has also studied Calm abiding (samatha) and Insight (vipassana) all the better. Instruction and personal advice will be given during the retreat. Be willing to work hard, and very positive results can arise.

The Heart Sutra: understanding the absence of the hallucinated self and everything else is the best method for ending suffering and its causes with Ven Robina Courtin   8th-15th March

This retreat takes on the challenging topic of emptiness, the ultimate nature of everything, including the self, and will lead you towards an experience of reality, through talks and meditations. Ven Robina is a highly experienced and engaging teacher, with the powerful direct style inherited from her teachers, Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Taking the Heart Sutra as the starting point, this retreat will lead you to deepen your understanding of the way things are, and how you fit into the overall picture. It’s best if you already have a foundation of study and practice of the Lam Rim. Be prepared for a very powerful retreat.

Touching the Void with Geshe Graham   21st-29th April

Geshe Graham, from Sheffield, is one of the very few non-Tibetans to have gained the qualification of Geshe, which in the Tsong Khapa tradition signifies a level of learning similar to a PhD. Moreover, he has now been teaching Dharma for several years and is adept at leading people through reasoning to a correct understanding of the truth. This retreat on Touching the Void, is based on selections from the prose and verse of Nagarjuna, Buddhapalita, Chandrakirti and Tsongkhapa, using Geshe Graham’s own fresh translations. A basic knowledge of Buddhism is advisable.


Retreats for beginners

Buddhism in a Nutshell with Steff Hill   15th and 16th April

This retreat is for newcomers to Buddhism who want to know what Buddhism is basically about. There will be practical sessions enabling participants to look within and discover the seeds of the Buddhist path and practice already there, through discussion and meditation. The retreat is suitable for those who have no knowledge or partial understanding of what the Buddhist path entails, and who would like a clear concise overview.

More information on these retreats and others are on our website. Please book through our online booking form.

 Woodland Working Weeks

We are planning several woodland working weeks in 2017. After all, we have 28 acres of woodland to care for, some of it very, very beautiful ancient woodland. We've been working closely with the Forestry Commission, Natural England and Woodland Trust and have a plan of action. Please come and help if you can. Food and lodging here at Land of Joy in glorious Northumberland.
Dates are 20th to 27th January, 17th to 24th February and 13th to 20th October for the specific woodland weeks, though we are always looking for helpers in the walled garden, house gardens, and woodland.
Please contact manager@landofjoy.co.uk for more information.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

Land of Joy have received an amazing donation of £50,000 from a very generous anonymous donor... thank you so much!
This is a great boost  for our retreat accommodation plans. May this donation benefit countless beings.  How wonderful!


Welcome back Jenny!
Jenny, our lovely Director, is back from our mother monastery in Nepal, Kopan, and the famous month-long Lam Rim (graduated path to enlightenment) November course. She had a wow,wow,wow time with Rinpoche and amazing teachings. Just after the course she sent a message saying, 'Mind very light and peaceful!'. We are looking forward to hearing all about it.

Keep rejoicing!

Dave and Fichou have been doing amazing and vital maintenance work all around Land of Joy. As well as hanging prayer flags!
Many thanks, guys!


Doves of peace have a new home



The old dovecote fell to pieces, so Fichou made a new one, complete with Namgyalma mantra to bless the doves. We thought they might be hesitant about their new home...but they moved straight in!

Sounding the drum of Dharma

And what else has Fichou been creating with his carpentry skills?...
A frame for the Dharma drum (which Ray will decorate and make even more beautiful), and...


... a throne for fire pujas 


Kurukulla is known to be a powerful emanation of Tara with an ability to enchant and attract people to practice the dharma, one of the four enlightened activities. She is a rich red with four arms, her upper arms hold a bow and arrow, and her lower arms a hook and a lasso, all made from flowers. She dances in the dakini posture, encircled by wisdom fire.

We are slowly making these beautiful Kurkulla tsa-tsas from Peter Griffin's moulds. If you have sponsored the creation of the 14 feet Kurukulla statue that Peter is creating for Land of Joy or the coach house renovation to house her, you will at some future point receive one of these tsa-tsas. Please continue to practise patience and rejoice in the meantime!

Ganapati tsa-tsas

We sent out Ganapati tsa-tsas last month to those of you who generously offered towards our roof repairs, and new septic tank. 

Some donations through the GIVEY website came through as anonymous...if because of this or for any other reason, you haven't received a Ganapati tsa-tsa, please let us know....don't be shy! We want to send you one.

Lights and magic for Lama Tsong Khapa Day and Christmas

Lama Tsong Khapa Day, where we celebrate the anniversary of the founder of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, fell on the 23rd Dec this year. We had a special Lama Chopa puja, with the unusual but timely offering of our home-made Christmas cake.
And Janet's lights for the Dharma Festival were reconfigured with magical effect, and have kept sparkling through Christmas.
Wishing you and all beings a peaceful,joyful and compassion-filled New Year from all of us at Land of Joy!

 Land of Joy is affliliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).  FPMT is an international, non-profit organization, founded in 1975 by Lama Thubten Yeshe (1935-1984), a Tibetan Buddhist monk. The Foundation is devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation, and community service.

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