19th – 27th October 2018 

With Andy Wistreich


This retreat will provide an opportunity for those who have taken the Kalacakra initiation to explore the full mandala through the ‘long’ sadhana which includes the 61-deity protection circle and the full body, speech and mind mandala with its 722 deities. We shall practise the sadhana by His Holiness the Seventh Dalai Lama once each day for seven days. The retreat will include instruction in the sadhana, ancillary meditations and discussion periods.

This is the fullest practice of the Kalacakra generation stage available. Familiarity with it is beneficial for those practising either the mind mandala sadhana or the Kalacakra six session Guruyoga, as it gives the complete context within which those shorter practices sit.

Andy has received commentary on this sadhana from Jhado Rinpoche twice, and has also completed the nearing retreat using this sadhana.

Andy has been studying, practising and leading retreats on Kalacakra since the early eighties. In recent years he has led several retreats on the Mind Mandala sadhana, including one approximation retreat of that practice. He has received teachings on Kalacakra from Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche, Jhado Rinpoche and several other lamas.