Help us raise £10,000 to be able to fulfil Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s wishes 


£1175 raised so far

The Story So Far…

When Land of Joy was purchased in 2014 Lama Zopa Rinpoche shared his big vision for there to be a large Kurukulla statue at the centre to help us thrive.

Over the past few years the incredible generosity of our supporters has meant we could take big steps towards fulfilling this wish including renovating the coach house behind the main building at Land of Joy which now has a small, special, double height gompa, to house the 14 foot statue.

As well as this, an amazing £32,000 has been raised for the statue itself which has been put towards the workshop fees, materials and living expenses for the artists over the last twelve months. 

So What’s Happening Now?

Internationally renowned sculptor Peter Griffin and his wife Denise have been building a stunning Kurukulla for us at Vajrayogini Institute in France. The construction of the statue is nearing completion and she is due to be brought to the UK this September.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche saw the statue in progress in June and offered his encouragement. He has previously confirmed that it can be seen by visitors and supporters of Land of Joy who are familiar with Tibetan Buddhism – so we look forward to sharing her with people once she is finished.  

What happens next?

The funds already raised will continue to support the creation of the statue but we still need to raise a further £10,000 to cover:

  • transporting the statue from the south of France

  • printing the mantras and purchase of other precious items for filling

  • hand painting of the statue once it is in place – an intricate process

  • Geshe Samten’s travel and board for three months as he will help bless and fill the statue in its final stages. 

How can you Help?

Please consider supporting this rare and special project by making a donation to help us fulfil Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s wishes for the centre. Thank you in advance for anything you can offer. 

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