What is Meditation?

Meditation can mean different things to different people and be practiced in many different ways.

Lama Yeshe said:

‘Meditation is very simple. Actually watching television, which we all do, is a bit like meditating. When you watch television, you watch what is happening on the screen, and when you meditate, you watch what is happening on the inner screen of your mind, where you can see all your good qualities, but all your inner garbage as well. That is why meditation is so simple’

Meditation is primarily used to calm and investigate the mind. Doing so can bring joy, understanding, higher communication and control of your own understanding of who you are. Some meditation, such as calm abiding, is focused on watching the breath, noting different sensations being experienced or placing the mind on some other particular object or concept and keeping it there single-pointedly. On the other hand, analytical meditation goes over a certain topic or philosophical point using logic and reasoning to investigate it in greater depth.

Ven Amy Miller says:

Some people think meditation is about being perfectly still and silent and contemplating nothing; just emptying the mind. Other people think it is about having elaborate visualisations and experiences of subtle energy running through the body. Meditation can be an overwhelming undertaking for some, while others are eager to try. There is no magic or mystery about how to meditate. We simply need to learn how to do it correctly and then practice it. (from Buddhism in a Nutshell: Essentials for Practice & Study)

Meditation at Land of Joy

If you are interested in giving meditation a go for the first time, have some questions about it or are already a meditator and looking for somewhere to meditate and talk to others about your practice, you might like to come along and join us for our meditation sessions at Land of Joy.

Dates for the sessions currently vary so please email info@landofjoy.co.uk for more details.

We hope to hear from you soon.