Pujas at Land of Joy

We aim to offer Tara, Medicine Buddha and Lama Chöpa Tsog pujas each month. They are a Buddhist practice done in a group with the intention for the positive energy they create to benefit as many people and animals as possible.

Attending a puja is thought to be of great benefit to both yourself and anyone you think of benefitting while you are there. Everyone is welcome to come along, either to join in or to sit and listen.

If you cannot attend, or would like to generate even more benefit, you are welcome to sponsor a puja for yourself, your family & friends. Please click on one of the puja sponsorship buttons below for more information.

Tara Puja

Dates: 3rd January, 2nd February

Time & Duration: 5pm on 4th December

Info: Tara pujas call on Tara’s powerful female energy to assist us. They are said to be particularly good for anything that needs to be resolved quickly such as serious health issues or other difficulties.

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Medicine Buddha Puja

Dates: 10th January, 9th February

Time & Duration: 

Info: Medicine Buddha pujas are said to help clear and avert obstacles as well as helping to alleviate sickness and recent disease.

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Lama Chopa Tsog Offering

Dates: 5th & 19th January, 4th & 18th February

Time & Duration: duration 1,5hrs

Info: Lama Chöpa is said to be a very powerful practice that generates a huge amount of positive energy and helps to bring general good fortune.

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