Recordings of Wednesday Night Meditations

With various team members from Land of Joy

As long as we are closed and cannot welcome you on site, we decided to provide recordings of our meditation every Wednesday.

We hope imagining we are all sitting together in the Gompa or community room at Land of Joy whilst listening to the recordings they will enable you to continue to meditate with us and maintain your connection with all the community members who usually join us at Land of Joy.

For anyone who is new to our Wednesday Night Meditations and would like to use the recordings to support your practice at home, it might be useful to know we usually do one or two sessions during the evening. Each session is around 20 minutes long. We try to present the meditation techniques in a secular way so that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done before or what you usually practice.

We emphasise a lot Shamata (single pointed meditation) and some guided analytical meditations which are aimed to support you to reflect on various topics in your life. This reflection then helps us to develop a deeper understanding of how our minds work, which in turn may help us to get to know ourselves better and more deeply.

Happy meditating and hopefully see you again soon.

Big love from the Team at Land of Joy.

If you have a good internet connection you can listen to them here by pressing the play symbol next to the teaching or you can download them to listen offline. To download a recording, RIGHT CLICK over the download button to right hand side of the recording and choose ‘download linked file’. The download should then begin.

Wednesday Night 25th March

Wednesday Night 1st April

A Way to Say Thank You

Please use the form below if you would like to make an offering to Land of Joy as a thank you for making these recordings available. We all go through economical and financial challenges at the moment and we understand that it might not be possible to support Land of Joy at this point in time. As the enforced closing is effecting us quite strongly we are very, very grateful for any donation given.

Thank you and may you be entirely happy.

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