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Retreats & Courses at Land of Joy

Land of Joy offers a range of introductory, intermediate, advanced and secular retreats through most of the year. Please click on any retreat of interest to learn more about it and book your place.

Personal retreats or private stays are sometimes possible, but currently need to fit around group retreats happening at the centre due to limited accommodation options.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

August 2017

Thursday 31st August (6pm) to Sunday 3rd September (lunchtime) – FULLY BOOKED

Bring your family to the Land of Joy and spend a couple of days enjoying family time and exploring your family ‘mandala’. Activities will include movement, meditation, nature walks and art work. More information will be available soon, but please book soon to register an interest as the retreat is limited to a small number of families.

September 2017

8th – 11th September with Ros Boughtflower

The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is an innovative, in-depth programme suitable for general adult audiences – people seeking to explore deeper meaning in life

16th & 17th September with Beth Halford

Whether you already know something about buddhism or not, this course will provide you with ways to reflect on how to improve your life and purpose by giving you a gentle introduction to buddhism in the Tibetan tradition.

24th September – 4th October with Geshe Graham Woodhouse

Take the first steps in learning how to debate in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This course is open to complete beginners to debate and those who have already been studying this subject. Complete beginners will get all the help they need to get started and others will continue from where they have reached so far.

October 2017

With Andy Wistreich: 26th Oct-2nd Nov – WAITING LIST

This retreat provides the opportunity to progress in Kalacakra practice through practising the Mind Mandala sadhana. For those with no experience of Kalacakra practice, this will give you the context for all Kalacakra generation stage practice.

November 2017

With Rhonwen Sayer: 18th-24th November

This retreat is suitable for beginners to the practice, but equally for those who are already familiar with it, as an opportunity to come together with fellow-practitioners, to share practice and deepen our understanding of this powerful and complex practice.

December 2017

With Martin Kerrigan: 1st-9th Dec

There is no negative action that cannot be purified. These negative imprints left in our mind-stream can be purified so that we don’t have to experience the suffering results that would otherwise come, and so we can clear this negative energy out of the way of our spiritual development.