Protector Prayers, Sur & Tea Offering: 23rd & 24th February

With Geshe Samten

This is a wonderful opportunity to become more familiar and confident with these practices that help protect us and remove difficulties in our lives or with our practice.

The weekend will start at 9am on the 23rd and finish around 4pm on the 24th. You are welcome to arrive at Land of Joy on the 22nd and leave on the 25th if this is easier for you.

Geshe Samten is a tantric trained Kopan monk from Solu-khumbu in Nepal. He has completed many of his own retreats and is very experienced in practicing tantra. He has been resident at Land of Joy since March 2018 helping with the ritual side of retreats such as making tormas and setting up fire pujas as well as sharing his knowledge with others

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