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Bell & Dorje, Hand Mudras & Puja Set Up: 8th – 9th December

With Geshe Samten

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the ritual aspects of tantric practice. You will learn why hand mudras and dorje and bells are used in tantric practice as well as how to do/use them. Geshe Samten will also demonstrate how to set up the pujas recommended for FPMT centres such as Medicine Buddha, Tara and Lama Chopa.

Please note, due to the nature of what’s being taught all those attending must have taken a tantric empowerment.

Basic Torma Making Workshop: 29th & 30th September

With Geshe Samten

Following the success of Geshe Samten’s torma making workshop earlier in the year, we are very pleased to be able to offer another opportunity to deepen your understanding of Tibetan tormas, what they are, why they are used and how to make some of the basic shapes for use in your own practice. 

Please click the Book Now button below to reserve a space on either of the workshops. Both will begin at 10am on the first day and finish at 5pm on the last. You are welcome to join us the day before and leave the day after if you are travelling far.

Both workshops, including food and accommodation, are being offered under the usual generosity model which means there is no set charge or suggested donation amount. You are invited to make a donation of any amount you wish towards the cost of running the course and Land of Joy in general as well as making an offering to Geshe Samten as a thank you for the time and understanding he will be offering the group.

Geshe Samten is a tantric trained Kopan monk from Solu-khumbu in Nepal. He has completed many of his own retreats and is very experienced in practicing tantra. He has been resident at Land of Joy since March 2018 helping with the ritual side of retreats such as making tormas and setting up fire pujas as well as sharing his knowledge with others

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