Date: 8th – 11th November 2019 

Retreat Leaders: Andy Wistreich 

Requirements: Those attending must have a Highest Yoga Tantra initiation

Cost: Generosity Model – Donation only (no suggested amount). 

Start and Finish times: 7pm on 8th to 2pm on 11th. People are welcome to arrive the day before and leave the day after if travelling long distances.

Accommodation: Dormitory beds, double and single rooms will be available at Land of Joy. Camping can be an option at certain times of year if you have your own tent but space is very limited. Beds are allocated based on individual or logistical needs.

About the Retreat

This retreat is open to initiated practitioners of highest yoga tantra. This practice is powerful precisely because it involves transforming the most intense emotions. In order to utilise these emotions in the path we must recognise them in our daily life and fearlessly learn to transform them, using tantric techniques. With these techniques, highest yoga tantra is the supremely blissful precious swift way to reach the highest enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

Because tantric practice requires us to know many details, there is a danger of approaching it mechanistically, and even undermining its efficacy through anxiety about ‘getting it right’ and keeping one’s ‘commitments’. The unfortunate result of this can be that the practice becomes dry, lifeless and even irksome, whereas the lifeblood of tantra is the creative energy of emotions, transformed and not suppressed. 

This retreat will utilise yogic practices, bodywork, discussion, meditation and teaching to help practitioners tap into their emotional reservoirs as a resource for their practice.

About the Teacher

Andy Wistreich has been practising highest yoga tantra since 1981, and has led many retreats, helping people to make this path a joyful experience leading to realisations. Andy has studied the practices with many masters and has practised in accordance with their instructions in several highest yoga tantra systems. Shan Tate will join Andy in leading some of the meditations.