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1st – 9th December with Martin Kerrigan

Why, when we sit down to meditate, does our mind wander helplessly here and there? Why is it so difficult to control the mind and attain realisations? We are distracted due to the negative energy of our delusions, our distorted conceptions and emotions, which have accumulated as a result of our previous negative actions.

There is no negative action that cannot be purified. These negative imprints left in our mind-stream can be purified so that we don’t have to experience the suffering results that would otherwise come, and so we can clear this negative energy out of the way of our spiritual development.

An especially powerful Vajrayana method is the practice associated with the Buddha Vajrasattva. It is said to be as effective in burning away delusions and negative energy as is a great fire in burning away thousands of acres of forest.

Everyone is welcome, either for the whole retreat, or part of it. It will include explanation of the Vajrasattva practice, and of the process of purification within an understanding of karma.

(It will also be very helpful preparing students who are working towards completing the final module of Discovering Buddhism)

This retreat will start after supper on  Friday 1st December.

Martin has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism, mainly under the guidance of Geshe Tashi Tsering from Jamyang London, since 1994, after visiting monasteries in India and attending the 10 day course at Tushita, Dharamsala.

He has completed the Foundation of Buddhist Thought Campus Course with Geshe Tashi, and he has tutored the online Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course for Jamyang, London for some years.

He has also completed Discovering Buddhism, obtaining the certificate, and is approved and registered with the FPMT to teach both Discovering Buddhism and Foundation of Buddhist Thought.

He currently lives in South Wales, helping his partner Sara to manage a National Trust property and grounds, and teaches regularly at Jamyang, Bath.

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