Wildlife at Land of Joy

The last couple of months have been owl breeding season in the UK. We have two breeding boxes in our grounds, one near the walled-garden and the other by the small lake, both of which are regularly used by pairs of owls to lay their eggs and raise their young. The forestry commission monitor the population of owls and birds of prey in the area to keep an eye on how they are doing and protect them the best they can. Last year was a disappointing one for the owl population with the number of owl chicks greatly reduced. However, this year has been a bumper year with more than 100 hatching, including two families in our grounds.

Here are some of us are meeting the tawny owl chicks, while our friend from the forestry commission weighed and measured them to check how they were getting on. Geshe Samten blessed them while some of us recited mantras. They were very patient with us and the good news is they are all doing very well.

We wish them a long and healthy life!