Tantra Group Retreats

Land of Joy offers the precious opportunity to take part in a range of tantric retreats for various different levels of practitioners up to highest yoga tantra approximation retreats. Please look at the individual retreat pages by clicking the links in the page below to see what requirements you may need to take part.

Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus pandemic we can currently only offer our group retreats via Zoom. This will continue until we are able to host them onsite once again. When this happens we hope to live stream the onsite retreats online so those who can’t make it to the centre can still join the retreat via Zoom. Therefore, please share how you would prefer to attend the retreat when you complete your booking form so we know how many people to expect on onsite if this becomes possible.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

March 2022

With Paula (Nyingje) Chichester: 08th – 14th March

Glorious White Tara is the healer of all ills and giver of long life. This beautiful practice will be the foundation for an online retreat focused on experiential meditations that will introduce the tantric sadhana and mantra recitation as a healing method. White Tara is a favorite of our teachers so we will be dedicating the power of this practice to the long lives of our gurus.

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With Andy Wistreich & Shan Tate: 19th – 20th March – this will be offered as an online course

It’s understood in buddhist traditions in general that one needs a teacher, someone reliable from whom one can receive authentic teachings, advice and instructions. It is often said that one shouldn’t rush into a relationship with a teacher, but rather, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

This weekend course will include conversations in small groups, and in the whole group, as enabled by Zoom. These conversations will enable buddhist practitioners of all different levels of experience, engagement with the path and walks of life, to come together and learn from one another.

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With Francesca Sanchez: 1st to 6th June

The Nyung Nay retreat is a two day intensive practice of Chenresig, the Buddha of Compassion, involving meditating on bodhicitta, visualizing Chenresig, reciting prayers, chanting compassion mantras, and performing prostrations. We start early in the morning taking the 24-hour Mahayana Precepts with the addition of complete fasting (no food or drink) and silence on the second day. Doing even one Nyung Nay for just two days is said to be as effective as three months of other purification practices and is extremely powerful for purifying negative karma and opening the heart to compassion.

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With Ven Lozang Yönten1st – 23rd July 2022 

During tumultuous times, the practice of Chittamani Tara becomes especially vital for clearing inner and outer obstacles and bringing protection. Through deep retreat practice, we come closer to Cittamani Tara and strengthen our altruistic motivation and ability to more directly benefit ourselves and others.

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With Andy Wistreich: 07th – 23rd October

This retreat is open to anyone who has taken the Kalacakra initiation, regardless of whether or not they have experience in Kalacakra practice, as it’s a great way to learn to practice the Kalacakra tantra.

The practice that we will use during the retreat was composed at the request of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama by his senior tutor, Yongdzin Ling Rinpoche, in the sixties. It is a powerful practice for personal social and ecological transformation. So, participation in the retreat will benefit both the practitioner and the world.