Date: 12th-13th September

Retreat Leader: Paula Chichester (Nyingje)

Requirements: Everyone is welcome

Cost: Generosity Model – Donation only (via the form at the bottom of this page; no suggested amount).

Times: Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am to 11:30/12pm (BST) (2am to 3:30/4:00am PDT) and 3:00pm to 4:30/5:00pm (BST) (7:00am to 8:30/9:00am PDT)

Please be prepared that all sessions might go on for 2 hours in case there is a longer discussion.

About the Weekend

This weekend will be a series of soft, easy, physical and meditation exercises that allow the mind/body to come home to itself, to our basic natural wholesome sense of being here, present, awake and feeling good about who we are and what we are doing.

Don’t be concerned if you can only attend the morning or afternoon sessions. You can attend one or all four. The class will be repetitive; this way, we can remember what we learn. We will begin with exercises lying down and end with a 15 minute guided meditation, either lying down or sitting, your choice.

What to bring: Wear loose clothing. Join the Zoom sessions in a room with enough space to lie down comfortably with space for arms and legs to stretch out on both sides, preferably on a nice carpet and/or  a yoga mat. 

If you can have 3 blankets, one that goes under your body, one that is folded to reach just to below the small of your back and a small blanket or shawl  that is folded or rolled to about as wide as your palm to go between the small of your back and your neck, to support an open chest. These are not required, just helpful. Paula will explain it in more detail during the sessions.

Optional: A comfortable chair to sit in or a meditation cushion or any pillow with carpet and blanket underneath to support  the knees. You can also just do the meditations lying down, especially if you have the support of the blankets.

Paula will prepare a handout of the exercises and meditation and provide it for you to download or receive via email at the conclusion of the weekend.

About the Leader

Getting Grounded: The Foundation for Meditation

Paula Chichester’s study and practice of the wholistic approach to healing body, mind, spirit and planet began in the late 1960’s when she first became aware that industrial society and over population is crushing human connectivity to our planet, to other beings and to ourselves— and how this impacts our well being. She has spent her life studying spiritual wisdom of all traditions, physical and psychological healing methods; emphasising experiential exploration of healing the whole person through energy/ body/mind, movement and meditation, art exploration and recreation in wild landscapes.

Find out more about Paula and many other materials and resources which can support you in your practice on her website:

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