Become a Branch of Joy to Help us Grow

Land of Joy has grown into an inspiring, supportive space thanks to the enormous effort and generosity of our community of supporters. They nurture and protect us just as the beautiful canopy of trees protects and shades our surroundings.

The Challenge

Taking care of Land of Joy is a big task with essential expenses totalling £50,000 a year. Our beautiful home also requires regular substantial and costly maintenance work. As these costs are not subsidised by any other organisations, the money must be raised by Land of Joy or the centre can’t continue.

How becoming a Branch of Joy will help us

Becoming a branch of our community will help protect and nourish our tranquil and embracing environment for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Becoming a branch will help us to:

  1. Continue to offer a supportive space for retreat by helping us manage our £50,000 a year running costs.

  2. Continue using our generosity model to offer retreats to everyone, whatever their financial situation might be.

  3. Take care of our wonderful live in volunteers who offer their invaluable time, expertise and enthusiasm freely and without whom our retreat community simply wouldn’t function.

  4. Have confidence in planning for the future, moving forwards with projects such as replacing our old windows & damaged woodwork and transforming outbuildings into places for people to stay and so on.

Our Branches of Joy

(all of which can be found in our woodland)



Per month



Per month



Per month



Per month



Per month



Per month

(Or any other amount you would like to offer)

Our Gift to You

At Land of Joy we value all offerings equally. Therefore the same gifts are offered to everyone, whatever type of Branch of Joy they choose to be.

You will receive the following gifts as a thank you for your generosity and valued support towards the future of this precious place for retreat.

  • The merit created at our regular pujas and special events will be dedicated to your happiness, success and good health.

  • You will receive a bi-annual newsletter sharing the impact your generosity is having at Land of Joy.

  • A choice of ONE of the following gifts:

    • A mala blessed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche (either 108 or 28 bead; sandalwood or rosewood)

    • A tsa tsa made at Land of Joy (containing rice blessed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche) – Medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Green Tara, Lama Tsongkhapa or

    • A choice of quality print of Land of Joy (size to be decided)

How to become a Branch of Joy

  1. Complete the Branches of Joy application form via the button below.

  2. Set up a standing order to send us your monthly donation.

There are two ways:

  1. You can print and complete the a standing order form and send it to your bank.

  2. Or more easily set it up via online banking.

Due to the risk of fraudulent activity on our account we have had to remove our bank details from the website. Therefore, if you would like to make a donation directly into our bank account please contact us via and we will send them to you by email.

Thank you for your understanding.

When your first payment is received we will send you your choice of gift.

Branches of Joy
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