Private Retreat Huts

Our private retreat huts are in a part of the woodland close to the main house overlooking the valley.

We now have two huts available for personal retreat and planning permission for a third. If you would like to contribute towards the completion of the third retreat hut you can do so here.

The retreat huts are equipped with a separate toilet and shower room, a small kitchenette (with a sink, hot plate, kettle & toaster), a large room with a single bed, desk, altar and meditation area with enough place to do full body prostrations (we also provide a prostration board on request).

Those doing personal retreat in a hut will be provided with the following:

  • Three vegetarian meals per day

  • A library of books and videos (in the main house)

  • Meditation cushions/boxes, water bowls and other retreat supplies

  • Help setting up your retreat, if we have the knowledge required

  • Friendly staff who will respect your retreat silence and be available to provide logistical support to retreatants if needed

  • Laundry service during longer retreats

  • Help with shopping for your daily needs during longer retreats

  • Fire pujas

  • Dorje Khadro practice hut

Please note for insurance reasons you CANNOT cook meals in the hut, other than just heating something up.

Please also be aware that if you come for a longer period of time it will be quite difficult for us to provide strict precept appropriate food as we have to cater for all our retreatants at the same time. However, we will try our best to find a solution which suits you and the centre.

We need your support in order to create and maintain a supportive environment that is harmonious and pleasant for all retreatants.

While you are here we ask you

  • to be kind.

  • to be generous.

  • to live simply and be content.

  • to speak truthfully.

  • to be aware and mindful

Please also:

Be mindful of your behaviour and speech towards others and to keep to your retreat schedule and boundaries.

Costs: Please note we may request assistance with additional costs such as ingredients for fire pujas if you require them.

If you would like to join us for a retreat please complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss it with you as soon as we can.

A Way to Say Thank You

Personal retreats come under our Generosity Model so are donation only (no set amount). However, we request that you please be mindful of how much your stay will cost the centre, for example the food and electricity you will use during your stay, and therefore consider making a donation to help us cover our considerable monthly costs.

If you decide to make a donation (including offline), please choose the amount you would like to offer (or enter a custom amount) using the form below and click ‘Donate’. Your generosity will help us continue to offer beneficial services to yourself and others, including helping others do personal retreat.

You may also like to make a regular contribution to the centre by becoming a Branch of Joy. This kind of support gifts us a steady and ongoing income, which in turn provides the confidence and means for us to continue to flourish for many years to come.

Thank you and may you be happy.

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Private Retreat Huts
Private Retreat Huts
Private Retreat Huts
Private Retreat Huts
Private Retreat Huts
Private Retreat Huts