Our History

Due to the kindness of so many, the ambitious vision for an FPMT retreat centre in the heart of Northumberland has become a reality. Finding and purchasing the property, a huge task in its own right, was just the start. It then took the immense amount of dedication, perseverance and generosity of a large group of people to transform the main house into an infrastructure capable of supporting group retreats.

Once group retreats could be hosted in the main house, attention turned to providing personal retreat facilities whilst continuing to maintain and renovate the main house, outbuildings, walled garden and woodlands.

The Coachhouse was renovated to provide three personal retreat rooms, a community space and protector room, whilst three individual retreat huts were built close to the main house. The non-native conifer forest was felled and the brash cleared. The space this created is now being re-planted with over twenty broadleaved native tree species, with emphasis on those that provide pollen, nectar, berries, seeds and hips, as well as being able to cope with our warming environment. Two polly tunnels were also erected in the walled garden to provide a space to grow organic vegetables.

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