Our Generosity Model

Everything happening at Land of Joy is being made possible through various forms of generosity. We believe in giving without any expectation of receiving anything in return and therefore do not charge for teachings, accommodation or food.

How does generosity benefit Land of Joy?

Our day to day running costs, which are not subsidised by any other organisations, are a large amount of money. The day to day running costs cover all the basic needs like water, electricity, phone bills, insurance and all you need to keep a very big household running.

One of our biggest and most essential needs is to support our on and off-site volunteer team, without whom Land of Joy wouldn’t exist. This, combined with our need to maintain the buildings, grounds and woodlands means we ask those who attend events with us to be as generous as they can by inviting them to make a financial offering to the centre at the end of a retreat or course.

The generosity of our teachers

Teachers and retreat leaders practice generosity by freely offering their time to Land of Joy, meaning we do not give them financial support in return for the teachings they give. We therefore also invite those attending retreats and courses to make an offering to the teacher themselves. Most of our teachers depend either fully or to a large extent on the generosity of those they teach, which enables them to continue offering their knowledge and time.

How you can contribute

Financial contributions to Land of Joy can also be offered at the centre or from afar. For further details please check our donation page.

Those who find financial contributions difficult may wish to be generous in other ways such as reciting mantras to generate merit for the success of the centre, dedicating their practice, volunteering or contributing in many other ways.

We really appreciate your ongoing support

Thanks to the kind generosity of others, Land of Joy can continue to be a place that is accessible and beneficial for everyone. Therefore, a circle of generosity is created, whereby both the centre and our supporters can practice generosity and experience its positive effects.

Any contribution offered will help us cover some of the costs of keeping the centre running. Please also consider becoming a Branch of Joy. These monthly contributions are a really beneficial way of ensuring we have a steady and ongoing income, helping Land of Joy to continue to flourish for many years to come.

Thank you and may you be entirely happy.