Individual/Personal Retreat

Why is retreat important? In order for our spirituality, pure morality, wisdom, single-pointed concentration and insight to really grow, we need time and space. The normal twentieth-century environment does not give us this. It induces either distraction or sluggishness, and retreat can take us beyond both. As human beings, we have the potential for unlimited growth, for limitless compassion and wisdom, bodhichitta and the six perfections. So retreat is very important in expediting this.

– Lama Yeshe.

Doing personal retreat is a very different to a group retreat. It gifts the opportunity to slip into your own rhythm with the chance to follow the flow of your mind by focusing on things that arise, when they arise instead of needing to fit in with a group. On the other hand, it requires the retreater to develop and maintain the energy to practice and to deal with difficulties that arise without the support of a group.

For this reason, it is advised to do personal retreat in a suitable place that is quiet, away from distractions, has been used by other meditators, where your practice will be supported and to be able to contact someone who is qualified to support through any difficulties that arise. This is particularly important for those who haven’t done a retreat on their own before.

Personal/Individual Retreat at Land of Joy

Land of Joy is a wonderful environment for retreat. Our semi-rural location offers quiet, spacious and beautiful grounds which can be explored during your breaks while the retreat facilities provide a private space that will support your practice. The onsite team will also supply your lunch and supper each day.

Land of Joy uses a generosity model which means those who visit can chose how much they give in return for what is offered to them during their stay. As a charitable organisation that doesn’t receive any support from other organisations we are unable to sponsor people’s retreats so please consider whether you will be able to offer enough to cover what your stay will cost the centre before booking your retreat. Thank you.

We are happy to offer the following option for personal retreat:

Please click on the picture to explore the facilities offered and the requirements for using the private retreat facilities before you make your booking. 

We are currently only able to accept private retreats up to three months long to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the retreat facilities at Land of Joy.

Although our team are happy to support you during your retreat, our time and knowledge is limited. Therefore, those completing intensive or more complicated retreats such as Highest Yoga Tantra or Preliminary practices, must have a teacher or suitably qualified dharma friend who can help you prepare for your retreat and deal with any issues that might arise during your practice.

Advice for Personal Retreat

Planning a personal retreat for the first time can be a very daunting process, particularly if we’re not able to meet our teachers to receive direct advice. The Foundation for Developing the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) have published the following documents to share invaluable advice on how to plan and set up a retreat as well as how to make it as beneficial as possible.

Retreat Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Heart Advice for Retreat

Retreat Advice from Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo