Practice & Retreat Resource Library

Our personal development is a very individual process. Each of us connects with different approaches and teachings in different ways and therefore need different guidance and support.

During these difficult times when we are less able to be with the groups and communities that offer us this support and guidance, we felt inspired to create this online library to help you connect with all the incredible materials so many inspiring people have created for us.

There are a variety of resources shared on each page including videos, audio, books, PDFs and information about relevant retreats & courses at Land of Joy and elsewhere. The first section groups them according to the person who has created them, all of which have a connection with Land of Joy. The second groups them by category, enabling you to explore specific topics you are interested in.

Land of Joy claims no ownership over any of the resources shared on these pages. We are merely providing a space that enables you to connect with the original content and explore the wealth of resources offered by each teacher and within each category.

Please click on a thumbnail below to start exploring and keep in mind more content will be added as it becomes available or is discovered elsewhere..

Categories to Explore