6th-12th March 2024

A typical woodland working day starts around 9:30 after breakfast and optional communal prayers. You will be out in the woodland completing various tasks within your comfort zone until your mid-morning break of hot drinks and biscuits. You’ll then be back out in the woodland until 12:30 when you’ll return to the house for a large hot lunch. Following lunch, you’ll generally be back outside by 13:30 and come in at around 16:30/17:00 with an afternoon break in-between.

After supper you are welcome to use the meditation room for personal practice or relax and unwind while enjoying the warmth and comfort of Land of Joy in a different way.

Land of Joy has very much become a haven for wildlife which means there is strong chance you could see all kinds of wonderful species including kingfishers fishing in the lake, herons pacing the shallows, woodpeckers, foxes, red squirrels, badgers, deer, birds of prey and more.

There are a range of tasks people can work on in the woodland, each of which requires varying levels of physical effort. We therefore try to ensure you get to do something you feel comfortable with so. If you’re concerned about what types of things you might be doing please email bookings@landofjoy.co.uk and we’ll be happy to do our best to help..

This is a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with nature while helping us maintain our precious woodlands for all to enjoy, including the wildlife who live there.

Those joining us are very welcome to stay in a shared room at Land of Joy, or locally if you prefer. Breakfast, lunch and supper will be offered each day as a thank you for all the kind assistance you are providing Land of Joy.

Please complete the form below to book your place.