Private Retreat Rooms

Why is retreat important? In order for our spirituality, pure morality, wisdom, single-pointed concentration and insight to really grow, we need time and space. The normal twentieth-century environment does not give us this. It induces either distraction or sluggishness, and retreat can take us beyond both. As human beings, we have the potential for unlimited growth, for limitless compassion and wisdom, bodhichitta and the six perfections. So retreat is very important in expediting this.

– Lama Yeshe.

Using Our Private Retreat Rooms

Land of Joy is a wonderful environment for retreat. Our semi-rural location offers quiet, spacious and beautiful grounds which can be explored during your breaks while the retreat facilities provide a private space that will support your practice.

Private Retreat Room Requirements

Please note: these rooms are currently only available up until the 26th March.

You need to fulfil the following requirements to use a retreat room:

  • To stay for a MINIMUM of ONE WEEK and MAXIMUM of THREE WEEKS
  • To be comfortable being on your own for however long you plan to stay, including ideally only using your phone and the internet for retreat purposes.
  • Have an established daily practice, such as daily meditation or buddhist practice.
  • Have the intention and ability to create and engage in a structured daily schedule of buddhist study or practice for however long you are planning to stay.
  • Be clear what type of retreat you will do, create a schedule and gather any resources needed before you arrive at the centre.
  • Have the support of a teacher, senior student or friend to set up, maintain and complete your retreat.
  • Be confident you can work through any personal or physical difficulties that might arise (such as lung or back pain) and arrange support from a qualified teacher or experienced friend who you can turn to for help if needed.
  • To be happy to settle all travel arrangements, calls, emails etc before arriving at Land of Joy so you can focus on doing your retreat.
  • As a relatively new centre who only recently started offering personal retreats, we are currently unable to sponsor personal retreats. Therefore, you must be able to at least cover however much your retreat costs Land of Joy or find your own sponsor.

Private Retreat Room Facilities

Those doing personal retreat with us will be provided with the following facilities:

  • An en-suite (shower & toilet) room in the coachhouse outbuilding.
  • Three light vegetarian meals a day to be eaten in Land of Joy’s dining room, or brought the room on request. Please note, we can cater for serious food allergies, however, you may need to cover any additional costs this creates for the centre.
  • Access to a well stocked dharma library (in the main house)
  • Meditation cushions/boxes, water bowls and other retreat supplies
  • Friendly staff who will respect your retreat silence and be available to provide logistical support to retreaters if needed
  • Assistance with fire pujas if required. Please note this MUST be discussed before you arrive and we will request a £108 donation to cover the cost of the ingredients..
  • Dorje Khadro practice hut

Please note: we do NOT offer any self-catering facilities in the main house. Retreatants usually come to the dining hall for meals, but in case of strict retreat it is possible to have meals delivered to your room.

Guidelines for Behaviour

We need your support to create and maintain a supportive environment that is harmonious and pleasant for all retreatants.

There, whilst are here at Land of Joy, we ask that you AVOID:

  1. Killing (any sentient being including flies and spiders)
  2. Stealing (if something has not been offered to you, please refrain from taking it)
  3. Lying (only speak what is true and do not spread gossip)
  4. Sexual misconduct.
  5. Taking intoxicants (please do not drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes within the grounds of Land of Joy)

As Land of Joy is a spiritual environment, we also request that you follow your retreat schedule and do not leave the centre’s grounds as much as possible for the duration of your retreat.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please note that the centre reserves the right to ask you to leave if your behaviour is felt to be detrimental to the centre.

Booking a Room

If you would like to book one of our retreat rooms please make sure you fulfil the requirements to do so by checking the ‘Retreat Room Requirements’ section above, and then follow the steps below to make your booking.

  1. Please check the calendars below to see if a room is available for your preferred dates and either adjust yours plans to suit availability if there is none, or be prepared to be placed on a waiting list so we can offer you a place if someone cancels.
  2. Click the ‘Book Now’ button below and fill out the Step 1 form. This enables us to check the room is definitely available for the dates you require.
  3. If a room is available we will be in touch to request further information (by asking you to complete the Step 2 form) which helps us ensure your stay at Land of Joy is as comfortable and beneficial as possible. If a room is not available we will contact you to discuss alternatives or the possibility of being placed on a waiting list.
  4. We will be in touch to finalise your booking
  5. Once your booking is confirmed, please see the information at the bottom of this page for guidance on how to make a donation to cover the cost of your stay and keep the rooms available for others in the future.

Giving Back to Land of Joy

Personal retreats come under our Generosity Model so you can choose how much to donate. We request that you please be mindful of how much your stay will cost the centre (i.e. the food and electricity you will use). If you are able to, please make a donation that will help cover those costs and also help us with our annual running costs of £90,000. Offerings of merit from your retreat are also very welcome. Please use the form below to offer your donation.

You may also like to make a regular contribution to the centre by becoming a Branch of Joy. This kind of support gifts us a steady and ongoing income, which in turn provides the confidence and means for us to continue to flourish for many years to come.

Thank you for your generosity.

Our Generosity Model