Being Here

Those who come to Land of Joy describe it as a very special and powerful place. Situated in Northumberland National Park we’re fortunate to be surrounded by open vistas with our own woodland, lakes and walled garden. Coming here provides an opportunity to spend time, learn and practice in a tranquil and conducive environment where you’re fully supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.

If you’re thinking of attending a retreat at Land of Joy please see our programme page to see what retreats will be happening this season.

Welcoming; relaxing; joyful; wonderful!

Sandra Whilding, Middle Lam Rim Insight Retreat

It was a very empowering experience, with lots of practical tools to use in everyday life.

Amalia Stevens, Buddhism in a Nutshell

Great! – can’t think of a more beautiful and harmonious place, regarding both the volunteers and surroundings.

Eva Mellander Foogel, Heart Sutra with Ven Robina