Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is a taxi to Land of Joy?

On average the costs of taxis using the two firms who give a discount to those coming to Land of Joy are as follows:

Newcastle to Land of Joy – £40-50

Hexham to Land of Joy – £30-40

Bellingham to Land of Joy – £10

If you wish to receive a discount you will need to book in advance using one of these two taxi firms:

Bellingham Taxis: 07815 503 927 or 01434 220 570
Tarset Valley Taxis: 01434 240 935 or 07711 400 152 (larger discount)

Q: How do I get to Land of Joy?

A: Please see our getting here page which outlines how to reach us train, bus, air and car.

Q: How much will my retreat cost?

A: Land of Joy runs on a generosity model which means we do not charge for teachings or accommodation but do invite people to make a donation to the centre and the teacher to help support both. Therefore, there is no set cost to attend a retreat here. Please see our generosity model page for more details.

Q: Can I arrive early and/or leave late?

A: If you are attending a retreat of more than a week or travelling more than a few hours to reach us you are welcome to arrive one or two days early and leave one day after your retreat but please let us know you are planning to do so as the space between retreats is often short leaving a lot for our housekeeping team to do in a short space of time.

Q: Can I come and volunteer at Land of Joy?

A: We often need extra help in the kitchen during busier retreats and out in the garden and woodlands during quieter times. Please visit our volunteer page for further information and to apply.

Q: How can I help Land of Joy?

A: There are many ways you can help Land of Joy. Financially you can make a donation or set up a standing order to support the centre continue to be of massive benefit to others through retreats and other services. You can recite mantras to help clear obstacles and build the merit needed for the centre to flourish or come and volunteer to help on the ground.

Q: Can I do a personal retreat at Land of Joy?

A: Please visit our personal retreat page for more information

Q: What is the weather like at Land of Joy?

A: The weather here is extremely changeable and cannot be predicted! We can have hot, sunny days, followed by cold wet ones, even in the summer. We therefore recommend you bring clothing for hot and cold weather, including waterproofs and wellington boots if you plan to go walking in woodland or fields outside.

Q: Can you help me share a lift or taxi to Land of Joy?

A: We do our best to connect people who are looking to share lifts. When you book your retreat please select ‘yes’ to the question asking if we can share your email for that purpose and provide the details of the lift you need or are happy to offer to someone else and we will do our best to help.

Q: Are there any single rooms available at Land of Joy?

A: The majority of our single rooms are reserved for long-term volunteers who live at the centre and therefore need their own space and visiting teachers. We do occasionally have one available during retreats which can be used if there is a very important reason for someone to not be able to use a dorm such as a health issue. We also have one downstairs room which can be used by those who have severe difficulties with using stairs, however there are no showering facilities available downstairs, only a toilet and sink. For more information please see our accommodation page.

Q: Are you able to accommodate my dietary requirements?

A: Yes. We have a wonderful and inventive kitchen team who are able to accommodate most dietary requirements. Please let us know when you fill in your retreat booking form and we will inform you if your particular requirements cannot be fulfilled.

Q: What does your generosity model mean?

A: Please see our generosity model for an explanation of what it means. If you are still unclear you are welcome to email us through with any specific questions you might have.

Q: What kind of food do you cook?

A: Land of Joy offers three healthy, balanced, vegetarian meals a day which may include eggs and dairy produce. For people with specific medical conditions, allergies or other dietary requirements and preferences, we’ll do our best to accommodate them but we must know you need this assistance before you arrive. If you have concerns about your needs, please let us know through

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Please see our retreat information sheets outlining what you will need to bring for different types and lengths of retreat.

Q: How do I make a payment for my retreat?

A: Please either bring cash or a cheque book if you would like to pay while you are here and keep in mind offerings for the teacher need to be made in cash. It is possible to pay by card but please keep in mind that the centre will be charged a fee. If you would rather pay before you come you can do so online using the details on our donation page. We ask people to please only use PayPal as a last resort as they will deduct fees from your payment. Thank you.

Q: Is food and accommodation included in your generosity model?

A: Yes. We do not charge for the food you eat and the accommodation you use while you are here. If you make a donation for your stay, it will help cover the costs we incur by having you stay with us.

Q: Do I need to bring any bedding or towels?

A: No. We provide all bedding and towels for you. These can be washed onsite during longer retreats. You are welcome to bring a towel if you would rather use your own.

Q: Can I camp in your grounds?

A: It is only possible to camp in our walled garden where there is space for a maximum of four small tents. Please be aware, most people who decide to camp often move indoors due to rain, midges, early sun rises and early rising song birds. This is only possible if there is room in the house which there sometimes isn’t and we cannot keep a bed free during busy retreats just in case you wish to move indoors. We strongly discourage camping between November and April. Therefore, please think carefully before choosing camping as an option.

Q: Where is your nearest airport?

A: Our nearest airport is Newcastle. Please see our getting here page for more information.