Personal/Individual Retreat

Land of Joy’s quiet but powerful location makes it very conducive for retreat of all kinds. We’re thrilled and excited that our newly renovated coach house provides a perfect space for people to do personal retreat.

Those doing personal retreat with us will be provided with the following facilities:

  • An en-suite room which can be used as a practice and sleeping space with enough room to do prostrations.

  • Three vegetarian meals per day

  • A library of books and videos

  • Meditation cushions/boxes, water bowls and other retreat supplies

  • Help setting up your retreat if we have the knowledge required

  • Friendly staff who will respect your retreat silence and be available to provide logistical and emotional support to retreaters if needed

  • Laundry service during longer retreats

  • Help with shopping for your daily needs during longer retreats

  • Fire pujas

Please note we do NOT offer any self-catering facilities. Retreatants usually come to the dining hall for meals, but in case of strict retreat it is possible to have meals delivered to your room.

Although our team are happy to support you during your retreat, our time and knowledge is limited. For those completing intensive or more complicated retreats such as Highest Yoga Tantra or Preliminary practices, it is a requirement to have a teacher available who can help you prepare for your retreat and deal with any issues that might arise during your practice.

It is also important you are happy to following Land of Joy guidelines during your stay

  1. No killing

  2. Respect others’ property

  3. Be honest and straightforward

  4. Do not engage in sexual activity

  5. Be alert and mindful (no intoxicants)

Please also:

  • Be mindful of your behaviour and speech towards others

  • Keep to your retreat schedule and boundaries

Cost: Personal retreats come under our Generosity Model so are Donation only (no suggested amount). Please note we may request assistance with additional costs such as ingredients for fire pujas if you require them.

If you would like to join us for a retreat please complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss it with you as soon as we can.