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Personal/Individual Retreat

Land of Joy’s quiet but powerful location makes it very conducive for retreat of all kinds. It’s therefore always been our wish to offer space for individuals to do their own retreats with us. We’re thrilled and excited that our newly renovated coachhouse provides exactly that. There are two en-suite bedrooms which can be used as a practice and sleeping space with enough room to do prostrations.

They are separate from the main house, situated in a quiet courtyard next-door which provides privacy from any group retreats happening in the main house.

Our dedicated team of volunteers will be happy to support you throughout your retreat. We are happy to consider any length and type of retreat and are usually able to offer some support in the preparation, set up and completion of Tantric retreats including helping you perform a fire puja at the end if necessary.

If you plan to complete a strict retreat, it will be possible for meals to be delivered to your room.

If you’re thinking of joining us to complete a retreat please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss it with you as soon as we can.