Guidelines of Behaviour

We need your support to create and maintain a supportive environment that is harmonious and pleasant for all retreatants.

While you are here we ask you:

  • to be kind
  • to be generous
  • to live simply and be content
  • to speak truthfully
  • to be aware and mindful

During your time at Land of Joy we request you to follow the five precepts conducive to a retreat environment. These are to avoid killing, taking what is not freely given, lying, not engaging in sexual activity and not using intoxicants.

Please read the document on the website in the policies section called ‘Getting the best out of your time at Land of Joy’. This will invite you take responsibility for your own journey in meditation and related practices.

Thank you for your cooperation. On very rare occasions we may need to request retreatants and other visitors to leave Land of Joy if their requirements and needs cannot be met within our resources or if necessary we need to prioritise the needs of others or the group overall.