Retreats & Courses at Land of Joy

Land of Joy offers a range of introductory, next-step, advanced and secular retreats through most of the year. Please click on any event that interests you to learn more about it and book your place.

A full list preview of our 2024 programme can be here and the booking form is here.

Personal retreats or private stays are also possible depending on availability. Please click here for more details.

Please be aware events might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to their start date due to lack of numbers or other reasons. It is also possible they will be re-arranged if we have the chance to host touring teachers, so please keep this in mind when booking transport.


With Paula Chichester: 1st – 8th December (ONSITE & ONLINE)

With this practice, the blessings of the Dalai Lama enthuse us with the mind of enlightenment, strengthen our connection with him and create the cause for his long life. It is with great joy that we offer this practice that enriches and nourishes our spirit time after time.


With Alison Murdoch & Anna Calao: Friday 19th until Sunday 21st January (ONSITE ONLY)

The aim of this retreat is to strengthen our capacity for happiness and peace in the year ahead. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition of thought transformation proposes that we can gradually learn to recognise our problems as a precious opportunity for personal growth, leading to a happier and more peaceful life both for ourselves and for the people around us.


With Roy Sutherwood: Saturday 10th until Saturday 17th February (ONSITE & ONLINE)

In the Tibetan tradition that will be presented in this course, one first concentrates on the clarity and awareness of the mind, a bit like a mirror becoming self-conscious, and then moves into a much deeper experience of freedom from our habitual patterns in which the mirror recognises its own emptiness.

With Venerable Yonten: Tuesdays of the 20th February, 5 & 19th March and 2nd April (ONLINE ONLY)

Join Venerable Yönten and the Land of Joy Community for a four-part series to explore one of the most famous texts for developing the heart of bodhichitta – the mind seeking full enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.


With Martin Kerrigan: Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd March (ONSITE & ONLINE)

We will look at the Buddhist teachings on the relationship between selflessness and the interdependent nature of reality, and particularly how the teachings on wisdom and compassion help to affirm and support each other.

With Wendy Ridley: Friday 15th until Sunday 17th March (ONSITE ONLY)

During this weekend retreat, we will explore embodied mindfulness and universal ethical values as part of the 16 Guidelines for Life Program. The 16G program, developed by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, provides a simple, robust and flexible framework for reflecting on the ways we think, act, relate to others and find meaning. The program provides mindfulness-based practical tools to bring about positive change.

With Olivia & Louise: Friday 29th March until Monday 1st April (ONSITE ONLY)

This is a chance for your family to spend precious time together while exploring ideas to develop positive thoughts and attitudes both within your family dynamic and beyond.


With Venerable Mary Reavey: Friday 5th until Sunday 7th April (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Are you curious about Buddhism? Would you appreciate learning a clear structure that outlines the Theory and Practice of Tibetan Buddhism? If so, then this weekend is for you. In response to requests, this weekend will explore the path to genuine happiness as taught in the Lam Rim – Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.


With Francois Schick: Friday 12th until Friday 19th April (ONSITE & ONLINE)

How would your life look like if you could double your level of concentration? How would your days look like if you could be more peaceful?
How would it be if you could meditate for 5 minutes without being washed away by your thoughts? How would it be if you could stay with the breath for 4 minutes? One minute? Thirty seconds? Ten seconds? One breath? How to move from one breath to absorbing the mind in peace?

That’s what this retreat is about.

With Charlotte Elliott: Friday 26th until Sunday 28th April (ONSITE ONLY)

Tired, stressed and need to reconnect with yourself and with nature?

This secular retreat offers an opportunity to explore meditation and mindfulness practices in a calm, peaceful, and supportive environment.


With Hans Berghardt: Saturday 4th until Friday 10th May (ONSITE & ONLINE)

The purpose of this retreat is to get familiar with the practice of Heruka Five Deities in a retreat setup, to enhance our daily practice and as a foundation to perform the action – enabling retreat (an approximation retreat to the deity in which one completes the number
of mantra recitations that permit one to perform mandala actions such as the fire puja and the self-initiation among others).

With Lynne Knight: Friday 17th until Sunday 19th May (ONSITE & ONLINE)

None of us wants to suffer. We want to experience fulfilment, health and genuine happiness. We want to live in a peaceful, just and stable society, in a beautiful and flourishing world. And yet difficult, painful situations arise, causing mental and physical suffering in our lives, in our communities and in our world.

Is there an answer?

With Paul Wielgus: Friday 24th until Monday 27th May (ONSITE ONLY)

The essence of this Spring Bank holiday nature experience is Connection

To your self – To others – To your essential nature – To Your Ecological Self.

A Key focus of the retreat will be the discovery of our capacity to find and cultivate joy through all of these connections.


With Venerable Mary Reavey: Friday 7th until Friday 14th June (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Deatails to follow

With Ondy Willson: Friday 21st until Sunday 23rd June (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Join Ondy Willson — an experienced practitioner and international teacher of mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, but also Mum, Nanna and Maverick — to find out how we can gain insights into life’s eternally discombobulating questions. And not necessarily by changing our belief systems or trying to be something we’re not! With warmth and wit, she talks no-nonsense, ego-busting self-discipline.


With Ray Furminger: Monday 1st until Saturday 6th July (ONSITE ONLY)

An experiential meditation retreat working with the ways of generating a positive motivation for our daily practice.

With Lou Beaumont: Friday 12th until Sunday 14th July (ONSITE ONLY)

This will be a weekend course of gentle movement & breathing helping us to connect with our subtle body. Combining these movements with mindful attention we can experience quite naturally how to rest our mind in this expansive energy.


With Olivia & Louise: Dates Monday 26th until Wednesday 28th August (ONSITE ONLY)

This is a chance for your family to spend precious time together while exploring ideas to develop positive thoughts and attitudes both within your family dynamic and beyond.


With Venerable Mary Reavey: Dates Friday 6th until Sunday 15th September (ONSITE &  ONLINE)

Are you curious about Buddhist practice, but don’t know where to begin? Have you attended Buddhist teachings and feel they could be useful for you but don’t know how to meditate on the subjects you’ve studied or how to apply them to your life? This retreat will answer these questions and more.

With Linda Noble & Cristian Fischer: Dates Tuesday 24th September until Thursday 10th October (ONSITE ONLY)

This retreat is open to anyone who has taken the Kalachakra initiation, regardless of whether or not they have experience in Kalachakra practice, as it’s a great way to learn to practice the Kalachakra tantra.


With Venerable Mary Reavey: Dates Sunday 13th until Sunday 20th October (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Details to follow

With Paula Chichester: Dates Thursday 24th until Monday 28th October (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Healing Mind, Spirit and Body- Growing Towards Wholeness in Love

An open heart is well-being. Our presence of well being helps everyone one we meet.


With Paula Chichester: Dates Friday 1st until Tuesday 5th November (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Glorious White Tara is the healer of all ills and giver of long life. This beautiful practice will be the foundation for a hybrid retreat focused on experiential meditations that will introduce the tantric sadhana and mantra recitation as a healing method. White Tara is a favorite of our teachers so we will be dedicating the power of this practice to the long lives of our gurus.

With Paula Chichester: Dates Saturday 9th until Wednesday 13th November (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Medicine Buddha is an ancient, powerful meditation practice to heal the wounds of our body, mind and spirit —personally and globally. In this workshop, we will balance the five elements in the body/mind, using meditation and physical exercises interspersed with discussions on how to heal ourselves and others. The meditation will integrate recitation and imagination with periods of resting in the nature of mind.

With Marina Brucet Vinyals: Dates Monday 25th November until Wednesday 4th December (ONSITE & ONLINE)

The Vajrasattva practice acts at many levels, from purifying the mind from negativities and ignorance, to help healing inner bounds, emotional hindrances, and difficult experiences with which we struggle. It clears the way and lays the ground for practice, both psychologically and spiritually.

In the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Vajrasattva is one of the preliminary practices, which are traditionally done before engaging in long retreat. This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to purify and clear the mind with the practice and mantra of Vajrasattva.