Body Work Resources

“What happens in the mind, influences the body. What we think, what we feel, influences the body. In most human cultures this is a well known fact. Emotions affect the physiological states of our organs, our muscles, our bones, everything. We hold emotions in our bodies. We can do this for years and this can lead to chronic illness, even cancer, heart disease.

Meditation is a way to heal our minds. This can be greatly enhanced if we add a physical discipline like yoga or Chinese exercises like chi gong. These more sophisticated forms of exercise are designed to move the subtle energy of emotion into balanced states of mental harmony and release past traumas that cause physical and emotional disease.” [Paula Chichester]

Chi Gong

Qigong/chi gong is a holistic system of coordinated body movement and breathing working with the basis of chi. Qigong forms are simple to do but deeply effective for both health & well being, becoming sensitive to the energy around us & flowing within us helps to balance the body & mind. It is another great aid to meditation or just going with the flow.

With Lou Beaumont

The following videos are from the Balanced Body, Balanced Mind: Level 1 online course given by Lou in March 2020. To see the other Chi Gong resources and Pranayama instructions provided during the course please click here

A big thank you to Lou for creating these recordings. If you are interested in learning more you may like to join Lou for her next Balanced Body, Balanced Mind weekend via Zoom on the 28th & 29 November. Please click here to learn more and register.

With Paula Chichester

Hanna Somatics

During her Getting Grounded: The Foundation for Meditation weekend course hosted by Land of Joy, Paula Chichester explained and demonstrated Hanna Somatics, a series of gentle exercises that allow the mind/body to come home to itself, to our basic natural wholesome sense of being here, present, awake and feeling good about who we are and what we are doing.

Please note: Each recording repeats the same set of exercises, however, the introduction and explanations are slightly different each time so you may still wish to watch all four to ensure you don’t miss anything. A big thank you to Paula for sharing these exercises with us.


Pranayama is an ancient system of breathing exercises associated with the practice of hatha yoga (physical posture/asana yoga) By controlling the breath we can energise the body, keeping it fit & healthy for everyday life. At the same time these exercises calm and focus the mind making it an ideal preparation for all forms of meditation.

Lou Beaumont very kindly explained and demonstrated Pranayama through a series of recordings which you can view below. We particularly recommend the fifth recording ‘Pranayama Part Five: A Daily Practice’. To see Lou’s additional Pranayama class notes provided during the course please click here.

A big thank you to Lou for making these recordings.