Date: 28th – 29th November 2020

Retreat Leader: Lou Beaumont

Requirements: Suitable for everyone

Cost: Generosity Model – Donation only (via the donation form at the bottom of the page; no suggested amount).

Start and Finish times: Zoom sessions will be from 10am BST to 12pm (BST) each day.

About the Weekend

The aim of this weekend will be to get in touch with our subtle energy through the basic practice of pranayama breathing exercise & gentle qigong movement.

Pranayama is an ancient system of breathing exercises associated with the practice of hatha yoga (physical posture/asana yoga) By controlling the breath we can energise the body keeping it fit & healthy for everyday life, at the same time these exercises calm and focus the mind making it an ideal preparation for all forms of meditation.

Qigong/chi gong is a holistic system of coordinated body movement and breathing working with the basis of chi. Qigong forms are simple to do but deeply effective for both health & well being, becoming sensitive to the energy around us & flowing within us helps to balance the body & mind. It is another great aid to meditation or just going with the flow.

During the weekend we will be doing regular short meditation sessions, based on working with and experiencing our prana chi energy. For everyone who studied with the material Lou provided at the beginning of the year this course will be a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and ask question during the guided Zoom sessions.

Lou and the team at Land of Joy hope you can join us online for a lovely energising experience!

An Idea of what to expect

To give you an idea of what you can expect from Lou’s weekend here is a session from one of her previous Balanced Body, Balanced Mind courses when she shared a daily Pranayama practice.

About the Leader

Balanced Body, Balanced Mind

Lou first came to yoga in her early twenties & has been practising hatha yoga & pranayama for many years. She is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher & has been fortunate to have special instruction from a great teacher on classical pranayama which she would very much like to share with you.

She started Tai Chi classes in Spain, where she currently lives, about ten years ago. She feels very fortunate to have as her teacher a close student of the Spanish Hun Yuan lineage holder. The Qigong you will be doing together with Lou is from that school. It has a gentle flowing style that anyone can easily practice & benefit from.

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