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Introduction to Buddhism Courses

Land of Joy offers a number of retreats and courses suitable for all levels of understanding including for those who are new to buddhist philosophy and the concepts it uses.

The following courses are a perfect way to be introduced to these concepts in a gentle and accessible way with plenty of opportunities for discussions and questions.

Please be aware retreats might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the event due to lack of numbers or other reasons so please keep this in mind when booking transport.

August 2017

September 2017

16th & 17th September with Beth Halford

Whether you already know something about buddhism or not, this course will provide you with ways to reflect on how to improve your life and purpose by giving you a gentle introduction to buddhism in the Tibetan tradition.

24th September – 4th October with Geshe Graham Woodhouse

Take the first steps in learning how to debate in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This course is open to complete beginners to debate and those who have already been studying this subject. Complete beginners will get all the help they need to get started and others will continue from where they have reached so far.