Date: Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd March

Retreat Leaders: Martin Kerrigan & Sara Szwer

Requirements: Suitable for beginners and those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice.

Cost: Generosity ModelDonation only (via the donation form at the bottom of the page; no set amount)

Format: Online Only. Please note you will still need to book a place if attending online.

Start: The retreat will begin at 7 pm on Friday 1st March.

Finish: Sunday 3rd March, Mid-afternoon

About the Retreat

‘A Practical Exploration of The Two Truths’ with Martin Kerrigan and Sara Szwer.

We will look at the Buddhist teachings on the relationship between selflessness and the interdependent nature of reality, and particularly how the teachings on wisdom and compassion help to affirm and support each other.

Through a combination of presentation, discussion and meditation we will explore how we can more fully align our hearts and minds with that selfless and interdependent nature, helping us to overcome our own problems and difficulties, and also putting us in a better position to truly benefit others.

The Buddhist teaching on ‘The Two Truths’, i.e. ultimate and relative/conventional truth, is the gateway to understanding the often misunderstood philosophy of selflessness.

Although due to singing, playing music, and crying Sounds of echoes arise, The echo does not reside in the sounds. Just so you must comprehend all phenomena’ King of Concentration Sutra.

About the Teacher

Martin has been studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism since 1994, initially under the guidance of Geshe Tashi Tsering. He also worked in India in 1999 with Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche helping to organise a worldwide teaching tour.

He tutored the Foundation of Buddhist Thought correspondence course for Jamyang London for many years. He has been an FPMT registered teacher since 2012, initially for the Foundation of Buddhist Thought, and for Discovering Buddhism since 2015. He is also registered to teach the in-depth FPMT Basic Programme

He has taught at Jamyang Bath, Saraswati and Land of Joy, a range of courses and retreats including Discovering Buddhism, Vajrasattva, thought transformation and practical Buddhist psychology. He was also invited to give teachings in Turkey in 2019 on behalf of FPMT. He particularly enjoys helping to make Lam Rim accessible and practical in everyday life.

He currently lives in rural Herefordshire with his wife Sara, working to provide music therapy in local care homes, hospitals and community centres.

A Way to Say Thank You

To Land of Joy…

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To The Teacher…

Teachers and retreat leaders practice generosity by freely offering their time to Land of Joy. We cover their travel expenses but do not pay them for the teachings they give.

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To The Volunteers…

Our retreats are supported by our wonderful team of volunteers, some of whom you will meet during your time at the centre. Those who live onsite offer their time, expertise and dedication in return for food and accommodation. They do not receive a wage or stipend. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept offerings for them in cash, so if you would like to thank them for their service, please do so by bringing cash with you to the centre and placing it in the volunteer collection pot.