Date: Friday 24th until Monday 27th May

Retreat Leader: Paul Wielgus

Requirements: Everyone is Welcome

Cost: Generosity ModelDonation only (via the donation form at the bottom of the page; no suggested amount).

Format: Onsite Only

Start and Finish times: A schedule will be released closer to the time.

Accommodation: Land of Joy wishes for everyone who visits the centre to feel welcome, accepted, safe and secure. Our accommodation options are very limited, with mostly single-sex shared accommodation and only one single room (which is sometimes needed by volunteers). This means single accommodation can only be offered to those who need it the most, but still won’t always be available. Camping can be an option at certain times of year if you have your own tent but space is very limited. Please read the relevant sections of the booking form carefully.

About the Retreat

The essence of this Spring Bank holiday nature experience is Connection

To your self – To othersTo your essential natureTo Your Ecological Self.

A Key focus of the retreat will be the discovery of our capacity to find and cultivate joy through all of these connections.

As you let life live through you , you become more of who you really are “ Roger Keyes ( poet) From “ Greening of the Self” Joanna Macy

A large part of the experience will be conducted outdoors , exploring the awesome beauty of the surroundings to Land of Joy and deepening our connection with and love for nature

The outdoor work will be complemented by the “Joyworks” learning experience, a unique mix of simple ideas and practices that help us cultivate positive , calm and joyful mindsets to enable our capacities for connection at many levels.

Here are outline details

The course is a blend of presentation, discussion and practice (indoors and out) and will be both informative and informal.

We will learn simple practices that cultivate the capacity for a more peaceful mind, as well as helping liberate the innate potential for joy that resides in our hearts.

With this heart-mind connection we will increase our resilience and energy to help develop skilful and appropriate responses to the increasing challenges we face in this turbulent world.

•Through the cultivation of a strong responsive attitude, we can embrace the skills and practices of ‘Active Hope’, which will equip us with the power to act with wise intention, wise attention and compassionate agency (power to respond skilfully)

•A tried and tested methodology based on Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects.”

About the Teacher

Paul combines his Buddhist and secular mindfulness and compassion teaching with Eco-Dharma practices such as Joanna Macy’s ‘Work That Reconnects’.

He is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher of nearly 30 years, has a Masters in Action Inquiry and Sustainability from Bath University, MBSR teacher trained, Work that Reconnects trained (12 months Active Hope training with Chris Johnstone, co author of Active Hope, with Joanna), and studied Secular Dharma for two years at Bodhi College with Stephen Bachelor.

How working career involved mindfulness and sustainability based coaching and leadership development, on an international scale , working for organisations based in Europe, USA and Africa.

With many years experience in a wide range of situations he has become well known for his kind , gentle facilitation skills and renowned for his light touch and great sense of humour.

He lives in Somerset with his partner Ros a familiar face at Land of Joy and their unruly Persian cat, Oliver Twist

To Land of Joy…

Our generosity model means we do not charge for any teachings, accommodation or food. We are therefore 100% dependant on donations to help us cover our £90,000 a year running costs.

You are therefore invited to give what you can as a thank you for the organisation and hosting of the retreat, including the food and accommodation provided if you stayed onsite.

You may also like to make a regular contribution to the centre by becoming a Branch of Joy. This kind of support gifts us a steady and ongoing income, which in turn provides the confidence and means for us to continue to flourish for many years to come.

Everything given will ensure Land of Joy continues to be offered as a precious place for retreat.

To The Teacher…

Teachers and retreat leaders practice generosity by freely offering their time to Land of Joy. We cover their travel expenses but do not pay them for the teachings they give.

You are therefore invited to make an offering to the teacher as a thank you for the time and knowledge they share.

To The Volunteers…

Our retreats are supported by our wonderful team of volunteers, some of whom you will meet during your time at the centre. Those who live onsite offer their time, expertise and dedication in return for food and accommodation. They do not receive a wage or stipend. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept offerings for them in cash, so if you would like to thank them for their service, please do so by bringing cash with you to the centre and placing it in the volunteer collection pot.