Let’s Talk About Death

We plan to start our local “Let’s talk about Death” awareness group again in 2020. As we are currently planning and organising everything, we have no definite dates. But please check in and we will update this website as soon as we are ready.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime please have a look at the videos we posted here and check out some of our recommended reading material.



  • “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” – Sogyal Rinpoche

  • “How to Enjoy Death – Preparing to Meet Life’s final Challenge without Fear” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

  • “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” – Translated by Robert A.F. Thurman


  • “On Death and Dying” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  • On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss” – By Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler

  • “All That Remains: A Life in Death” – Professor Sue Black

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