Creating Retreat Huts

Thanks to your amazing generosity we’ve raised the full amount needed to complete all 3 huts – an incredible £63,150! The third hut will be in use from August.

Thank you!

100% raised
100% raised

We Have Exciting News

All three huts are now complete with people very much enjoying and benefitting from the facilities they provide. As many of you know, we have been wanting to offer these huts for a long time, so it’s amazing to have them in our grounds. They have been very popular, with lots of bookings being made far in advance. 

What are they like?

The huts are built on a wooden platform within a lightly wooded area quite close to the main house. Supplied in kit form, from slow-grown timber, they are well insulated with electric wall heaters

There is:

  • A spacious room for sleeping and practicing

  • An shower and toilet room

  • Basic facilities for tea-making, cooking, washing up etc

  • A veranda overlooking the surrounding countryside

Floor Insulation & New Carpet 

Start on Retreat Hut Number Three

What’s the cost?

Each hut (including it’s platform) fully installed with all necessary services and furnished will cost £23,000.

Why is it so important?

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche says,

‘So retreat is the foundation of true development. Without retreat, without being alone, the mind is like muddy water. But the mind in retreat, being alone and free from outside distractions, is like a calm, crystal-clear lake. There is the clarity to help see ourselves more clearly and to see our Buddha nature more easily.’

Conducive spaces to do individual retreat, particularly longer-term ones, are a rarity in today’s world. Building these huts will enable us to provide a precious space for those who wish to dedicate time to turning inwards for the benefit of others.

Not only that, if a hut is not being used for individual retreat at any time it will be utilised as overflow accommodation for those attending group retreats in the main house, reducing the numbers of people needing to use the dormitories. However, priority will always be given to those doing individual retreat.