Sponsor a Puja

We aim to offer Tara, Medicine Buddha and Lama Chöpa Tsog pujas each month. They are a Buddhist practice done in a group with the intention for the positive energy they create to benefit as many people and animals as possible.

Sponsoring a puja is said to help create the cause for the energy it creates to benefit yourself and anyone you wish to dedicate it (send the energy) to. When you request we dedicate a puja for you it is important to clearly communicate who and how you would like it to benefit so those doing the puja can have that in mind.

There is no set amount to donate for sponsoring a puja, however, donations of any amount are encouraged. Please complete the forms below to let us know the details of your sponsorship (left) and make an donation to Land of Joy (right). We will confirm we have received it and will request your dedication at the next appropriate puja.