Stop the Rot Fundraising Campaign

We’ve already contributed £10,000 of the costs and thanks to your incredible generosity have raised an additional £9,118! Please help us to cover the remaining £10,882 if you can. Thank you!

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What Has Happened?

When the storms in February of this year left the bay roof leaking into the gompa yet again, we decided it was time to make a full investigation. Removing the roofing uncovered major issues (a result of many years on ongoing damage from several sources):

  • A rotten lintel right across the bay (fortunately still holding up the outer wall – just)

  • Rotten joists

  • Rotten timbers behind the wall panelling

  • Rotten floorboards in the dorm above

  • Rotten window in dorm above

The French door beside the gompa has also succumbed to rot this winter, needing replacement and treatment for dry rot in the surrounding areas.

The work to deal with these issues is underway. There is no possibility of delaying now this ‘can of worms’ has been opened. The great thing is we have the time and space to have everything sorted and the gompa area recreated – fresh, inspiring and ready to welcome you back!

However, this unplanned but essential work will have major impact on our finances, already under strain from the enforced closure, a situation possibly ongoing for the rest of 2020. Costs are likely to be around £25.000 – £30,000.

We so much appreciate the support our community has given us over the years and we know that this crisis is making life difficult for so many individuals and organisations. However, if you can help us financially at this time, please make a donation using the form below by choosing PayPal or the alternative option of making an offline donation (by cheque or bank transfer), depending on your preference. All details required for offline donations will be provided after you complete the form.

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Donation Total: £108

As a thank you

As a thank you for donating to this project we will put your name and any names you would like to give to us on our dedication list for our weekly Tara Puja and the daily Lama Chöpa practice. 

Please send all the additional names to