Date: Saturday 10th until Saturday 17th February 2024 (onsite guests are invited to arrive on Friday 9th or Saturday Morning to celebrate Losar, the Tibetan New Year, with the onsite team on the 10th Feb).

Retreat Leader: Roy Sutherwood

Requirements: Everyone is welcome

Cost: Generosity ModelDonation only (via the donation form at the bottom of the page; no set amount)

Format: Hybrid (available onsite and online). Please register however you plan to attend.

Start Time: Saturday 10th February, 7 pm. Please arrive at Land of Joy by 5 pm, supper will be served at 6 pm.

Finish times: Early afternoon on Saturday 17th February.

About the Retreat

In the Tibetan tradition that will be presented in this course, one first concentrates on the clarity and awareness of the mind, a bit like a mirror becoming self-conscious, and then moves into a much deeper experience of freedom from our habitual patterns in which the mirror recognises its own emptiness.

This is a profound method to realise liberation and enlightenment. Like success in any venture, it depends upon following the steps laid out by those who have already realised it. 

From relative newcomers to Buddhist meditation to those very familiar with mahamudra, this retreat is a great opportunity to deepen your practice. Each day is broken into a series of short sessions, supported by daily gentle mindful exercises that enable one to maintain the quality of the experience without getting over-exhausted.

About the Teacher

Roy has been meditating for most of his life. FPMT recognised teacher and a former Director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, Roy is well qualified to lead this retreat, having studied under masters of Buddhist philosophy and meditation for many years. He has taught meditation and other classes at Jamyang London and currently leads a regular weekly How to Meditate class there, facilitates the Tibetan Buddhism class at the Buddhist Society and is also a qualified teacher of secular mindfulness techniques

A Way to Say Thank You

To Land of Joy…

Our generosity model means we do not charge for any teachings, accommodation or food. We are therefore 100% dependant on donations to help us cover our £90,000 a year running costs.

You are therefore invited to give what you can as a thank you for the organisation and hosting of the retreat, including the food and accommodation provided if you stayed onsite.

You may also like to make a regular contribution to the centre by becoming a Branch of Joy. This kind of support gifts us a steady and ongoing income, which in turn provides the confidence and means for us to continue to flourish for many years to come.

Everything given will ensure Land of Joy continues to be offered as a precious place for retreat.

To The Teacher…

Teachers and retreat leaders practice generosity by freely offering their time to Land of Joy. We cover their travel expenses but do not pay them for the teachings they give.

You are therefore invited to make an offering to the teacher as a thank you for the time and knowledge they share.

To The Volunteers…

Our retreats are supported by our wonderful team of volunteers, some of whom you will meet during your time at the centre. Those who live onsite offer their time, expertise and dedication in return for food and accommodation. They do not receive a wage or stipend. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept offerings for them in cash, so if you would like to thank them for their service, please do so by bringing cash with you to the centre and placing it in the volunteer collection pot.