5 Week Saturday Morning Meditation Course

What is it: Group Meditation Classes

Where: Online

When: Starting 9th September each Saturday morning concluding on 7th October

The course draws inspiration from the teachings of the great Tibetan yogi, Lama Tsongkhapa, as presented in his text Middle-Length Lamrim.

Participants learn the essential techniques to develop and engage in an effective and sustainable focus meditation practice.

The course consists of five 90-minute classes, which include theory discussions, guided meditation sessions, and Q&A sessions.

Participants also receive a PDF document covering the salient points related to the topics covered in each class.


  • Overview of meditation
  • Quantifying consciousness
  • Defining the qualities of mental serenity
  • Essential mental tools employed to achieve serenity
  • Hindrances to achieving serenity
  • Antidotes to the hindrances
  • Prerequisites to meditation 
  • Selecting the object of focus
  • The path to achieving serenity
  • Essential role of ethics

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