Date: Friday 21st until Sunday 23rd June

Retreat Leader: Ondy Willson

Requirements: Everyone is welcome

Cost: Generosity Model – Donation only (via the donation form at the bottom of the page; no suggested amount).

Format: Onsite

Start Time: The retreat starts at 7:00 p.m. on the 21st of June. Please arrive at the centre, if attending onsite, by 5 pm as supper will be served at 6 pm

Finish time: After Lunch, mid-afternoon.

Accommodation: Land of Joy wishes for everyone who visits the centre to feel welcome, accepted, safe and secure. Our accommodation options are very limited, with mostly single-sex shared accommodation and only one single room (which is sometimes needed by volunteers). This means single accommodation can only be offered to those who need it the most, but still won’t always be available. Camping can be an option at certain times of year if you have your own tent but space is very limited. Please read the relevant sections of the booking form carefully.

About the Retreat

What do we mean by that loaded word “spiritual”? To commune with nature and feel part of something bigger perhaps? Or to light candles, burn incense and summon the supernatural? And do we need to be religious to be genuinely spiritual?

With mindfulness becoming mainstream, many of us are turning to the practice as a way to de-stress, bringing much-needed relief from the hectic pace of our lives. But can we utilise its dynamic quality to offer us a more comprehensive understanding of spirituality?

Join Ondy Willson — an experienced practitioner and international teacher of mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, but also Mum, Nanna and Maverick — to find out how we can gain insights into life’s eternally discombobulating questions. And not necessarily by changing our belief systems or trying to be something we’re not! With warmth and wit, she talks no-nonsense, ego-busting self-discipline. Then, taking us by the hand, she gently guides us every step of the way, showing us how to use mindfulness to make titanic shifts of thought and action that can change our lives. To inspire us that transformation is possible, even for the most stubborn of minds, Ondy shares candid examples from her own life and asks us to, please, join her in a SPIRITUAL REBELLION!

Weekend Course:

During the week-end, we will go deeper into the heart of spirituality and how to engage with mindfulness as a dynamic tool for change. There will be teaching, discussion and reflective activities as well as time for questions and answers. The objectives of the course overall are:

  • Clarify your understanding of what it means to be a spiritual practitioner (Does religion help?; What is Spiritual Materialism?; How to avoid the pitfalls of self-righteousness; What do we mean by spiritual bypassing)

  • Deepen your understanding and use of mindfulness in everyday life (Practising meditation; Transferring the practice to everyday experience; Ego-busting – how to manage your “self” without damaging yourself)

  • Takeaways – (Pennies dropping; Lightness of being; Inspiration to change your mind and change your life; A curious mix of new self-confidence and utter humility

About the Teacher

Ondy has been a Dharma practitioner since 1980, and an FPMT Teacher since 2007,  teaching diverse introductory and intermediate courses nationally and internationally.

She specialises in making the teachings accessible and relevant to contemporary life and to this end created a Mindfulness-Based Mind Training Programme (MBMT) that encapsulates Buddhist Psychology in a secular framework that has formed the basis for her new book Spiritual Rebellion: mindfulness with Attitude.

As the founder of her Wellseeing Consultancy, Ondy also has much experience in delivering MBMT training in both the public and private sectors.

Initially trained as a Drama specialist, she was a storyteller and secondary school teacher for over 20 years, completing her career in education as Head of Belief, Philosophy and Ethics in a large secondary school.

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