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With Paula Chichester: 16th – 22nd November (ONSITE & ONLINE)

Six Session Guru Yoga was written by Kyabje Pabonka Rinpoche in the early 20th Century. Since that time, it has become a standard commitment in the Gelug Sect as a daily recitation/meditation after one has taken a highest yoga tantra empowerment. Guru Yoga is said to be the heart of Tibetan Buddhist Practice. In this long weekend, we will practice all three versions of the Six Session and explore the commentary, the vows and learn how “to do it” so it works for us. How can this guru yoga heal our mind/body/spirit and deepen our understanding and experience of enlightenment?—all within the context of the great wish to free all beings from confusion and sorrow and create a world of altruistic joy.

The course is open to those who have the six session commitment. Please bring your copies of the long, medium and short six session guru yoga either on paper or on your tablet. We will follow the usual format of four sessions a day, a discussion and energy moving exercises (variations on chi gong).

A message from Paula: I took my first six session guru yoga commitment from Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1981 during a month-long Mahamudra course where we did the practice at least 4 times a day. By the end of the month, the long version was memorised effortlessly and has been a favourite meditation ever since then.


With Paula Chichester: 1st – 8th December (ONSITE & ONLINE)

With this practice, the blessings of the Dalai Lama enthuse us with the mind of enlightenment, strengthen our connection with him and create the cause for his long life. It is with great joy that we offer this practice that enriches and nourishes our spirit time after time.


Starting Friday 19th January going through to the 4th December

We are please to announce the release of our 2024 programme which is available to book now. 

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