Retreats & Courses at Land of Joy

Land of Joy offers a range of introductory, next step, advanced and secular retreats through most of the year. Please click on any event that interests you to learn more about it and book your place.

Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus pandemic we can currently only offer our group retreats via Zoom. This will continue until we are able to host them onsite once again. When this happens we hope to live stream the onsite retreats online so those who can’t make it to the centre can still join the retreat via Zoom. Therefore, please share how you would prefer to attend the retreat when you complete your booking form so we know how many people to expect on onsite if this becomes possible.

Personal retreats or private stays are also possible depending on availability. Please click here for more details.

Please be aware event might be cancelled up to two weeks prior to their start date due to lack of numbers or other reasons. It is also possible they will be re-arranged if we have the chance to host touring teachers,, so please keep this in mind when booking transport.


With Francesca Sanchez: 19th-26th May – this will be offered as an online course

The Nyung Nay retreat is a two day intensive practice of Chenresig, the Buddha of Compassion, involving meditating on bodhicitta, visualizing Chenresig, reciting prayers, chanting compassion mantras, and performing prostrations. We start early in the morning taking the 24-hour Mahayana Precepts with the addition of complete fasting (no food or drink) and silence on the second day. Doing even one Nyung Nay for just two days is said to be as effective as three months of other purification practices and is extremely powerful for purifying negative karma and opening the heart to compassion.

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With Wendy Ridley: Part One – 22nd-23th May; Part Two 29th – 30th May this will be offered as an online course

If you want to bring about positive change in your life, this two-part, experiential course is for you. By noticing our patterns of thinking, speaking and acting through mindfulness and self-enquiry, we can begin to build inner strength which enables us to break through limiting beliefs, transform our relationships, make better decisions, and find more peace of mind – even on the most difficult of days.

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With Shan Tate: 5th & 6th June – this will be offered as an online course

Inner happiness is possible when we change our perspective and appreciate how our past experiences affect our lives today. We can be free from limiting concepts and empowered to live with a more open, honest and joyful mind.

This weekend will explore how to develop our own inner strengths by learning how to embrace our pasts and take control of our future through relying on our inner wisdom. Becoming more comfortable in our own skin enables us to be more comfortable with others.

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With Andy Wistreich: 11th & 14th June – this will be offered as an online retreat

This retreat will be an Instruction and practice on how to do the Kalachakra Mind Mandala nearing retreat, including the preliminary rituals and fire puja. The Kalachakra mind mandala is a most profound and powerful practice of self-transformation and benefit to the world. Not only is one’s path to enlightenment enhanced, but the effort of doing the retreat helps to strengthen the energies that harmonise the inner and outer elements, thus contributing to environmental and social wellbeing.

Anyone who has received the Kalachakra empowerment and who has enthusiasm for the practice is highly recommended to practise the mind mandala nearing retreat.

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With Pauline Barber: 24th – 29th June

This is a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with nature while helping us maintain our precious grounds for all to enjoy, including the wildlife who live there.

There are a range of tasks people can work on in the woodland, each of which requires varying levels of physical effort. We therefore try to ensure you get to do something you feel comfortable with

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37 Practices of a Bodhisattva

With Ven Lozang Yönten: 3rd – 4th  July – this will be offered as an online course

We will use the text, the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva the basis for a deep discussion of life and our priorities. It will offer ways to use both happiness and suffering as path for transformation and ways to awaken our fullest spiritual potential. 

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With Ven Lozang Yönten: 10th – 11th  July – this will be offered as an online mini retreat

This “Mini Retreat” will combine practice instruction with guided meditation using the Medicine Buddha Sadhana and the Medicine Buddha Puja.

Learn about the mantras and meaning, about the specific Medicine Buddhas and what they assist with. Enjoy a weekend of resources for wellbeing and deep practice support.

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With Various Leaders: 7th & 8th August

This relaxed weekend of events and activities is a great chance for friends to reconnect with Land of Joy or join us for the first time to explore our home and be a part of our growing community. Many of the sessions on offer will create a huge amount of positive energy for those who attend and towards the ongoing success of Land of Joy so it’s win, win!

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With Hans Burghardt1st September-6th October

An enabling action retreat is an approximation retreat to the deity during which you complete the number of mantra recitations that permit you to perform mandala actions such as the fire puja and the self-initiation among others.

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With Ven Mary Reavey15th-23rd October – this will be offered as an online retreat

Shamatha is the development of attention which enables us to focus our attention on an object without agitation or dullness, eventually reaching the clear mind of. Shamata (calm abiding) is the clear mind that provides us with the focus we need to positively transform our minds for ourselves and others. We all need to start where we are so no matter what our level of meditation might be, you will find benefit from training your attention.

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With Max Gillespie5th – 7th November

The effects of modern living impacts on our bodies, the way we breathe and the way we relate to our emotions. During this three-day course you will learn techniques to rest the body, calm the breath, and relax the mind. Ultimately, embracing a greater depth of self-compassion.

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With Ray Furminger: 12th – 14th November

In this weekend course, Ray will share some of his knowledge of the subject gained over many years both as a practitioner and as a thangka painter in order to help you gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism of the mandala, how this can be inter-connected with all levels of your practice and how you can use this in your daily lives.

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With Lynne Knight: 19th – 22nd November

The teachings known as The Four Limitless (or Immeasurable) Thoughts are a time honoured way of developing Love and Compassion, and also the qualities of Impartiality (or Equanimity) and Joy. In this course we begin our explorations of these trainings, giving us the tools to step in the direction of being truly of benefit to ourselves and our families, and an offering to the world.

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With Wendy Ridley: 26th – 28th November

Level 2 expands your exploration of the Guidelines, introducing their shadow side.  There is an emphasis on motivation, loving kindness meditation, the role of mirror neurons and other neuroscience research in order to better understand your own shadow. You’ll explore the interplay between your mind and body and develop skills that help you lead a happier life while helping others to thrive.

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