Woodland & Wildlife Manager

Land of Joy has around 40 hectares of woodland, currently managed under the Countryside Stewardship (Higher Tier). We completed our 5 years in December 2021, with a requirement for a further 5 years monitoring. Our aim is to create and sustain a thriving woodland with social and environmental benefits.

We anticipate that the person filling this role will be living outside of the centre, whether locally or further afield.

Description of role:

Taking forward the programme of woodland management and regeneration of semi and ancient woodland habitat through better managed woodlands, new planting and community involvement. The manager will be expected to manage the ongoing monitoring of the Countryside Stewardship agreement to control/eliminate invasive non-native shrubs, protect veteran trees etc.

Duties and responsibilities specific to the post:

As Woodland Manager, you’ll need to:

  • advise the Board on good forestry practice, keeping up to date with relevant changes in legislation and other developments which impact upon the management of the woodlands, engagement with volunteers and our communities
  • advise Board on the most appropriate tree species (whether by planting or natural regeneration), and on budgeting, public access, ecological surveys
  • plan and implement annual work programmes
  • Develop the volunteer team, arranging training, managing tasks and ensuring safe working in collaboration with the general manager / volunteer coordinator
  • assist in applications for external funding as necessary

You may also carry out the following tasks, in relation to woodland protection:

  • develop plans to increase the biodiversity and resilience of the woodlands
  • monitor existing woodland practices
  • protect woodlands from anti social behaviour and activities which put the woodlands at risk, monitoring and managing invasive plants, pests and diseases
  • ensure that woodlands and their management are not detrimentally affecting the environment and wildlife around them, by damaging wildlife habitats, water supplies or soil.

How to apply