Kalacakra Mind Mandala Sadhana Retreat 2017-08-23T10:16:22+00:00

26th October-2nd November with Andy Wistreich


This retreat is open to anyone who has taken the Kalacakra empowerment. It will be an opportunity to progress in Kalacakra practice through practising the Mind Mandala sadhana. For those with no experience of Kalacakra practice, this will give you the context for all Kalacakra generation stage practice. For those who know the Kalacakra Six Session Guruyoga, this retreat will give you a much fuller sense of the practice, and will support your practice of that sadhana. For those already familiar with the Mind Mandala sadhana this will be an opportunity to deepen and extend your practice in the company of other practitioners.

Commentary on the whole sadhana will be given through daily instruction sessions. There will also be sessions for open discussion of the practice, and meditations on specific points in the sadhana in order to ground the practitioner in the essential meditations of the sadhana.

Andy has been studying, practising and leading retreats on Kalacakra since the early eighties. In recent years he has led several retreats on the Mind Mandala sadhana, including one approximation retreat of that practice. He has received teachings on Kalacakra from Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche, Jhado Rinpoche and several other lamas.

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