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12th – 19th May 2018 

With Rowena Fish

This retreat is open to those who, as a minimum requirement, have taken refuge in the Triple Gem but ideally will have taken a Great Chenresig initiation or another from the Kriya class of tantra .

Nyung Nä (or “Fasting Retreat” in English) is a Vajrayana practice from the Kriya (Action) class of Tantra. It is a powerful, quick and effective method to purify much negative karma and collect vast amounts of merit. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says….

Nyung nä means “abiding in the retreat.” In other words, you are retreating from negative karmas of body, speech and mind. When you hear, say or think of the word “nyung nä” don’t think only of fasting, of the physical practices involved. Don’t think a nyung nä is only about not eating—there is a much vaster meaning to think about.

Doing a nyung nä means your body is abiding in retreat, your speech is abiding in retreat and your mind is abiding in retreat. The essential meaning of retreat is retreat from non-virtuous actions of body, speech and mind. Abstaining from negative karmas that harm others is the fundamental tantric practice.

Land of Joy is delighted to offer the chance to complete three consecutive Nyung Nays this year, providing a wonderful opportunity to really delve into and experience this precious practice. Participants committing to doing all three will bring a much greater stability to the practice, therefore enhancing the potency of the energy created by it. This will bring benefit not only to the participants, but to Land of Joy as well. 

If you haven’t completed a Nyung Nay before, please attend at least the first one as this is when explanations of the practice will be given.

Each individual Nyung Nay consists of seven practice sessions, spread over two days, lasting for approximately three hours each during which the sadhana of Chenresig is completed, including meditating on bodhichitta, visualising Chenresig, reciting prayers & mantras and performing prostrations. 

As the practice involves full length prostrations places on the retreat will be limited due to our relatively small gompa so please book quickly to ensure your place. Waiting list places will become available if the retreat becomes fully booked.

Please note, if you are unable to do full length prostrations there are other ways you can engage with this aspect of the practice which you are welcome to discuss with the retreat leader.

One Nyung Nay requires staying at Land of Joy for 3 nights, in order to incorporate 2 full practice days. Check in on day 1, days 2 & 3 are the practice days, and if you are not continuing for another Nyung Nä, checkout will be on day 4. So if you are arriving for the first Nyung Nä you will need to arrive during the afternoon of the 12th.

The Nyung Nays will happen on the following days:

13th – 15th: Nyung Nay 1 (finishing early morning of 15th)

15th – 17th: Nyung Nay 2 (finishing early morning of 17th)

17th – 19th: Nyung Nay 3 (finishing early morning of 19th)

Each will start in the early hours of the morning so you will need to arrive at Land of Joy by the evening of the day before it starts. For example if you are coming for the second Nyung Nay you will need to arrive by the evening of the 14th

Suggested things to bring:

  • Mala to be used only for Chenrezig mantra – best is crystal 

  • Vajra and Bell – only for those who have received initiation

  • Mandala set – if you would like to offer during the sadhana

  • Dharma book to read during break times

  • Many clean clothes, as Kriya Tantra emphasizes cleanliness. Clothing should be comfortable and loose-fitting, and appropriate for a semi-monastic environment

  • Any special drinks such as dehydration salts, or essential medicines

  • Pain relievers might be helpful in case of developing sore muscles from prostrating

It is said that doing even one Nyung Nay retreat (for 2 days) is as effective as 3 months of other purification practices. This practice contains great blessings, and is highly praised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche as a supreme method for transforming the mind.

Rowena took refuge with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kopan Monastery in 1998 and has spent many years in India offering service in FPMT centers. She shares that thanks to the incredible kindness and skillful means of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, she has been able to connect and fall in love with the joyful and profound practice of Nyung Nä’s. As a result, she has developed great faith in this beautiful practice and feels great joy when practicing it with others.

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